Climate change is still running faster than we are. The last 19 years included 18 of the warmest years on record. The trend is clear. #ClimateAction is the only answer.
This video is a poignant reminder of the urgent need to protect the planet. On #EarthDay & every day, take #ClimateAction in every way you can.
There is no alternative to the #ParisAgreement. To realistically address climate change, next month’s #COP24 must be a success. #ClimateAction
My strong appeal to all of you: let's make 2019 a year of ambitious #ClimateAction! Please do everything in your power to tackle climate change -- the defining issue of our time.
Limiting global warming to 1.5°C has many benefits for people and planet. It could mean 420 million fewer people are exposed to severe heat waves. We need urgent and ambitious #ClimateAction.
The uncommonly fierce & prolonged Cyclone Idai is another alarm bell about the worsening impacts of climate change, which are becoming more frequent, severe and widespread. I’m convening a Summit in September to mobilize & increase urgent #ClimateAction.
I am inspired to see young people across the globe march to show leadership for #ClimateAction. We need to heed their call!
The cost of adapting to climate change could be as high as $500 billion per year in developing countries if we fail to implement the #ParisAgreement. We already have the solutions; we need ambitious #ClimateAction now.
On #EarthDay & every day, let us all commit to taking better care of our planet. Please do everything in your power to tackle climate change -- the defining issue of our time. #ClimateAction
The #ClimateSummit2019 is designed to mobilize political & economic energy to advance #ClimateAction >> Chief challenges states, regions, cities, companies, investors & citizens to step up ambition in the race against #ClimateChange
Extreme weather due to climate change is forcing people from their homes. Last year, 18 million were displaced by weather-related disasters, mostly floods or storms. #ClimateAction is a must.
#ClimateAction is the way forward! Hear from global leaders, thinkers, activists and influencers why they are stepping up climate action to accelerate the transition to a decarbonized and resilient world. Learn more about the race we can win 👉
Happy #EarthDay! Show the world you care about #climateaction in every way you can. Learn more: #Youth2030 #SDGs #GlobalGoals
Renewable energy is often cheaper than fossil fuels and can help deliver energy to the 1 billion people who currently lack electricity. #ClimateAction is the path to sustainable growth.
· Secretary-General is "calling on civil society, and young people in particular, to campaign for #ClimateAction". If you participate and stand against #ClimateChange, this is a race we can win! 👀 2019 Climate Summit:
Our #UNBonn interns participated today in the #GlobalStrikeForFuture in #Bonn. Like many others they believe that #ClimateChange is the defining issue of our time & now is the moment to do something about it. Check out how the is leading #ClimateAction
#ClimateChange is real. The achievement of the #SDGs is under threat. We have the power to stop this trend! Let’s move from commitments to #ClimateAction and make the #2030Agenda & #ParisAgreement a reality for all, leaving no one behind! More info:
#ClimateChange is the defining issue of our time! It requires an unprecedented effort from all sectors of society. To boost ambition to implement the #ParisAgreement, will host the #2019ClimateSummit on 23 September: #ClimateAction #SDG13
Strategizing with DSG & other global leaders in my role as co-facilitator for #NatureBasedSolutions Workstream in the run up to Secretary-General #ClimateAction Summit in September: #SDGs #ClimateChange #ParisAgreement