Reading Martin Gurri's descriptions of protests in Spain and Israel in 2011, it's remarkable how similar both the demographics and the worldviews of the protesters were to Occupy Wall Street, and to many socialists in America today... Read this book
"The Revolt of the Public" makes a few big errors, but its basic story - that new media technology is enabling a new wave of activism that threatens every established institution - seems very true and incredibly important
As the Gilets Jaunes storm the streets of Paris, and the Brexit debate rages on, this book has never been more relevant. (It also has to be among the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen ☺️). The Revolt of The Public, out today
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It'll be a rough ride for a while, the alternative (toward centralization, either by governments or corporations) is far worse. To me, this signals a need to redouble our sacramental faith in the fundamental freedoms, not trade them off against security.
This is him very clearly channeling 's 'The Revolt of the Public' (which he's read), and which addresses this sudden public revolt against the institutions that run our world.