That the Google "Good Censor" memo leaked to Breitbart is conspicuous. Two troubling posibilities come to mind: 1. Less divisive outlets wouldn't report on it. 2. Google knew it would emerge so they leaked it were their base would avoid/dismiss it.
Would be a real shame if we send an email to our 700,000+ users about this leaked internal Google doc that is pro-censorship and cites Gab as a threat.
This Breitbart scoop of an internal Google research presentation about freedom of speech and censorship online is incredibly fascinating. Proof that the company is internally grappling with a lot of the existential issues that we are.
took me a while to get up this morning but you should read this document posted by
The Good Censor - GOOGLE (leaked) on
Breitbart acquired an internal google doc discussing the misinformation landscape that the world finds itself in now: I almost wish that Google had put out this document to read in public. It's a well thought out exploration of the challenges (1/5)
sorry, bad link before. I got it from a Jordan Peterson twete, who clearly also didn’t read past br**tbarts headline
Check out The Good Censor - GOOGLE LEAK on Scribd: ReadMore
This didn't annoy me as much as the title led me to believe it would but my position still stands: This is too important for Google to decide. We need a supranational institution with rules everyone must abide by.
This just happened
Ominous - from the leaked Google slide deck: "This free speech ideal was instilled in the DNA of the Silicon Valley startups that *now control the majority of our online conversations*..." (my emphasis)