A primer on "Academic #GrievanceStudies and the Corruption of Scholarship," published in by & : helps contextualize the methods, findings and significance of the project
Much like and before them, , & note the strangely religious nature of certain strands of literature & activism. Pragmatist Richard Rorty noted the same in 1998: The more things change...
Another interesting Sokal Squared write-up, from the indefatigable .
as usual, the Heterodox Academy coverage of the Sokal-squared hoax is fair, fact-based, and worth reading...
The "background" section explores, in part, how the #SokalSquared hoax was ultimately brought to light: an essay by sparked to investigate the author/ institute, drawing the attention of
Worked this point into here: Curious of your thoughts.
Well worth the read! Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship by
Interesting that Heterodox Academy gives a relatively sympathetic hearing to the “grievance studies” article given that it seems to stand in opposition to intellectual humility and openness to opposing views, which they otherwise promote.
Many have noted that despite the #GrievanceStudies authors consistently including #sociology in thier discussions, they didn't actually place any papers in that field. Does this mean we're off the hook? Not so fast:
Information no other analysis of #SokalSquared / #GrievanceStudies has been able to offer (literally, it was not possible up to now) -- data on the overall success rate of thier pitches relative to publications:
Interesting. Heterodox Academy gives poor marks to Sokal Squared.
I think the study definitely tells us something important. But I think "what it tells us" is maybe less obvious/ clear than many seem to be assuming
I included & compelling insights on the hoax in my write-up, alongside new information that has just become available: #SokalSquared #GrievanceStudies
Thorough overview of the Sokal Squared hoax by of . Includes lots of interesting background information.
Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship
Pretty good rundown by Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship