Behavioural Neuroscientists get your thinking hats on - Call for Symposia is open for 2019 meeting in beautiful Braga, Portugal (28-31 August). It’s going to be a good one. #EBPS2019
How and why is aggressive behaviour rewarding? Come find out at an #EBPS2019 symposium chaired by Klaus Miczek and Rose Almeida with talks by , Herb Covington III and Jozef Haller.
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Molecular mechanisms, cellular ensembles and neural circuits. How is everything linked in the context of negative emotion? Andrew Holmes, Shona Chatterji and Meltem Weger will address this topic at an #EBPS2019 symposium. Register to attend at
Another great Symposium for meeting in Braga, Portugal August 28th-31st — Travel Award closing date is looming, May 15th