. to John Bolton: Is it possible that if the operation happened, it could’ve happened without the knowledge of the crown prince? Bolton: I think a lot of things are possible in the Middle East.
. on #China via interview - "I would say China is one of the due bills coming due that Obama ignored or mishandled badly. The pressure’s now on President Trump. He’s responded in a way that has the Chinese confused."
Notable: to : "I think the Saudis themselves are being damaged bc we don’t have the facts out" Cast doubt on Turkey: "We have our own difficulties with Turkey at the moment" Adds US "does not have information it's not revealing"
Bolton tells that he’s headed to Moscow in ten days to continue to follow up on the Trump-Putin summit meeting in Helsinki
Lots of news in this interview with John Bolton. US may explore mineral extraction in South China Sea “with or without” Chinese acquiescence. Also Bolton says USG does not have full information on what happened with Kashoggi.
- National Security Advisor John Bolton Interview Bolton: expect resource exploration in the South China Sea with or without China; door open for North Korea, provided complete & verifiable denuclearization
I cannot conceive of an American company working closely with this government. I discussed w/ . There are parallels with selling weapon designs to Krupp works in mid 30s.
areas like the South China Sea, are clear. The commanders have the authority we need. We will not tolerate threats to American service members."
Audio/transcript: in a wide ranging interview
11. better exactly how to handle this. We’ve made it clear we want to know what the facts are. We’re going to continue to do that."
From long ago: Hoping our team is just as far advanced but broached subject of blocking export of U.S. tech companies exporting their best stuff to PRC:
Coming up: My interview from Thursday w/ . Audio/transcript here: Yeah, there's news there. Lots of it.