Rick Perry's plan to rescue the coal and nuclear industries has run aground at the White House, and report.
Good Politico story about Rick Perry’s coal rescue efforts finding resistance in the upper echelons of the Trump WH
DOE "struggled to provide the White House with details on which plants would get funding and who would pay, the sources said. Without a legally justifiable methodology, White House advisers have cooled to the idea of a major intervention in power markets."
Banner day for fossil fuel policies: Rick Perry’s coal rescue runs aground at White House by and Zinke’s energy export plan knocked as 'harebrained' by
The DOE has not been able to determine who would fund the bailout required to save unprofitable coal plants, increasing the chances that electricity consumers would have to cover those costs in their monthly utility bills
Logic, rationality, sanity: 3. Trump coal bailout attempts 0.
2. The second, a cockamamie plan to invoke the Federal Power Act to declare emergency powers over utilities, forcing them to pay to keep coal plants open, was rejected by the White House.
Who would have thought it? Rick Perry’s coal rescue runs aground at White House
Rescue plan for the US coal industry put together by runs aground at White House via