One survey found that 57% of Americans don’t have enough cash for a $500 emergency cost. I’ve announced a plan to help middle-class and working Americans with the rising cost of living. Read more about my LIFT Act.
But I don't understand, Senator Harris. The last 8 -10 years saw unprecedented economic growth for the Middle Class and we passed affordable healthcare.
Kamala Harris wants to give working families as much as $500 a month in cash. Me on the Democrats' Trump-sized tax plans
Kamala Harris's Trump-Sized Tax Plan - The Atlantic
What you're seeing in this Kamala Harris proposal is Democrats moving from their core tax idea being "raise taxes on the rich" to their core tax idea being "use the tax code to redistribute to the poor and working class"
The left is coming up with Trump-sized tax plans of its own, writes
DYK: 57% of Americans don’t have enough cash to cover a $500 unexpected expense? Show your support for ’ #LiftTheMiddleClass act! Share NOW
"Harris is offering as much as $3,000 a year for a single person or $6,000 a year for a married couple, on top of existing tax and transfer programs [...] Working families making less than $100,000 a year would qualify."
Another excellent piece on what a truly progressive tax plan looks like. While the figure below isn't based on the Sen. Harris plan she highlights, it's a similar plan (GAIN Act) w/ similar distributional outcome.
It’s encouraging to see economic redistribution ideas like this from . Stop talking about what can pay for to address wealth inequality and the racial wealth gap and more about getting people the cash they need to live
. proposes a big new tax credit--$3,000--for working Americans making < $100k a year, which reminds me that & proposed a distinctly smaller income transfer (for parents) last year. favorably reports here
One thing Dems learned from Bernie (and Trump?) is to supersize their policy ideas. Go big! Look at Elizabeth Warren's plan to save capitalism: Or Kamala Harris's Trump-sized tax plan: 2020 is going to be really interesting.
Really a sea change in Dems thinking from building giant, centralized programs. GOP should have done this in 2017 and also thru mega expan of EITC
Democrats -- this time, -- are thinking hard about how to raise incomes for working families. Republicans: just more trickle down and then cuts to Medicare....
Kudus to Senator for legislation that brakes our immoral trend of using the tax code to hoard the proceeds of America's increasing productivity for the elite, and, instead, targets public dollars to empower us in an inclusive way.
Kamala Harris, a California Democrat and potential 2020 presidential contender, has a Trump-size tax plan of her own, writes
. tax plan is the right idea trying to put more money into the hands of Americans we should go to Universal Basic Income which would achieve more faster with less bureaucracy. The Trickle-Up economy is the future.
Got reservations abt this, but I like that 's new plan has no marriage penalty. And, btw, if Ds did more of this & less of the identity politics thing, they'd crush in 2020. on "Kamala Harris’s Trump-Size Tax Plan"
I will never understand the "stagnation" rationale for policy. Stagnation means as good as back then. If "back then" was bad, then today is bad. But then you don't have to reference "back then", you can just say things are bad today.