At this moment, Denmark's wind farms are producing 128% of the electricity the country needs! The rest is exported. Follow it live, at the site of transmission system operator (scroll down):
Right now, Danish wind farms produce 98% of the electricity the country consumes! Follow the flows live here:
At this moment, Danish wind turbines produce 125% of national electricity demand, and solar panels add another 12%!
Danish wind farms produce 92% of the country’s electricity at the moment. Annual average around 40%. Live data here: (scroll down).
Danish wind power produces 103% of national electricity demand right now! Follow it live here: (scroll down a bit)
A wind-wind energy map! 😉 When electricity consumption and #wind turbine production is almost the same, you’re in good and sustainable shape. And you know it’s windy! ♻️ Check #Denmark’s energy output in real time: 🇩🇰
At this moment, wind turbines produce 117% of Danish electricity demand! Follow the flows live here (scroll down):
Right now, wind produces 135% of Danish national electricity demand, and sun throws in another 11%! No wonder the full 700 MW capacity of the new COBRA cable is used for exports to the Netherlands. Live data/map: h/t
Almost! Danish wind power produces 99% of the electricity the country consumes at this moment. Follow it live here:
Danish wind power at 99% of national consumption now (18:16 CET)! Live here: (scroll down)
Looks like at this particular moment the new COBRA cable is effectively used by NL to import 700 MW Norwegian (hydro)power, via Denmark. Live map here: