If you are registered to vote in New York and planning to vote absentee, today is the last day to request a ballot (other than by requesting it in-person). You can learn more here
Shout out to my law partner and the 20,000 plus registered NY Democrats who signed to get you on the ballot and the additional ~20,000 people who signed to get the ~184 delegates on the ballot throughout NY state. Get your ballot today
Great news: New Yorkers can now apply for an absentee mail ballot online & cuts out potential mail delays for at least part of the process. NY recently implemented new safeguards to prevent rejected mail ballots after June's primary
By the way you can vote in person even if you requested or even mailed in an absentee ballot. Your in-person vote will supersede your absentee ballot.
New Yorkers who are attending (or who are otherwise indisposed on 11/6): This wasn’t as easy to obtain as it should have been, and it took a while to arrive. Apply for yours now!
With "vote by mail" ballots are sent out like census forms. Anyone can pick up a stack of them at college dorms, abandoned homes, apartment buildings. Here are the requirements to vote absentee in N.Y.
New York voters: Please carefully review the directions for your absentee ballot. (If you have not requested that ballot, DO SO NOW.) Keys: 1) Complete it as soon as you get it, 2) Sign the envelope, 3) Mail it immediately.