“The Misguided Rabbis of Twitter.” “Mr. Samet, Holocaust survivor, escaped death by 4 minutes...He is a strong supporter of Trump....Would you stand before this 80-year old man, not in a tweet/online...but face to face, & tell him he is responsible...?
Please — don’t blame Jews for Jewish death.
From the Rabbi we need at this time, thank you for being a voice of reason
.: "We can only be a Jewish people when we don’t excommunicate each other.... Because we do not pray as Democrats or Republicans, but as Jews. Now let us tear our clothes and mourn the dead."
Essential but tragic reading. This is why so many American Jews have lost their moral compass. Read and weep. The Misguided Rabbis of Twitter  via
"The Misguided Rabbis of Twitter: Calls to excommunicate pro-Trump Jews are not simply wrong. They’re poison", by David Wolpe.