Tim Crane on why it is difficult to get published in philosophy
This from is a good read. I had forgotten about this great remark from Bernard Williams: the analytic philosopher in her writing “tries to remove in advance every conceivable misunderstanding or misinterpretation or objection, including ...
The philosopher’s tone – TheTLS Great piece by ⁦⁩ philosophers ...need to consider not only how to improve the mechanics of the reviewing process, but also how to improve the way they criticize one another. Thanks ⁦
The philosopher’s tone – On peer reviewed publishing in professional academic philosophy ...
Relevant here is this piece by , on how the peer-review system is already maxed out. Double submissions create additional strain in a system that is already at breaking point.
Great piece by ⁦⁩ on the crisis of peer review in philosophy. Another problem: a few dutiful reviewers dedicated to advancing their small subfield can create a dike in the process, jamming the journals with papers in that area.
Words of wisdom on peer reviewing from
The sacrifices of style you’ll have to make if you want to join the Philosophy Club via (from 2018, but still true).
It would seem philosophy is then the idea training for twitter (TLS piece by )
The philosopher’s tone
The philosopher’s tone – TheTLS
Tim Crane challenges the way peer reviewers criticize one another.
Tim Crane on why it is difficult to get published in philosophy:
Interesting about peer-review! The philosopher’s tone
"[T]here is no reason why the leading journals should not just publish more stuff. [...] rather than evaluating someone’s work by looking at which journals they publish in, assessors would have to actually read the work itself." #philosophy
The whole peer review thing isn't working well, and not just for the reasons you say -- or that's my (non-peer-reviewed) opinion anyway
The philosopher’s tone – TheTLS a very big truth! by #philosophy #academia
Important piece by ⁦⁩ on peer review in philosophy! Clue: it’s not working particularly well at the moment.