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Join us for Exponential Medicine starting this Sunday Nov 4th. There are only a few seats left, or join Free via #xMed LiveStream starting 12:30pm PST this Sunday:
Sunset at the magical Hotel del Coronado... Join us here for Exponential Medicine starting Sunday 1pm PST on the free #xMed livestream —>
Welcome to ! We'll be live-tweeting the entire event and we have a free #Livestream that launches today at 12:30 pm PT. Thanks for the intro! #xMed
Join us for Exponential Medicine starting this Sunday Nov 4th. Down to our last 10 seats, or join via our Free #xMed LiveStream starting 12:30pm PST this Sunday. -->
Great sessions for day 3 of #xMed! Join us via #Livestream
We are underway with Day 2 of Exponential Medicine. Join our free #xMed livestream
Hmmm who could be coming up in the livestream studio when #Xmed main stage takes a break? Any guesses?
Exponential Medicine 2019 is about to go LIVE. Join us on the free #xMed Livestream this Monday 12:30pm PST thru Thursday 1pm PST and hear from over 60 world-class faculty in 26 sessions crossing the healthcare and technology spectrum. --->
Exponential Medicine 2019 is a wrap! Massive thanks to our stellar #xMed participants, faculty & crew for an incredible 4 days of . Wishing everyone safe travels home. Catch the livestream at
Getting ready for Exponential Medicine kicking off at today at 12:30 PM PST today on our free #xMed live stream. Join us!
Honored to have Erik Gerritsen, the Minister of Health from the Netherlands here . Encouraging us to have a shared international purpose & collaboration in reshaping #healthcare. Livestream
Shawna Butler RN kicking off our #xMed session on smart & healthy communities. #nurseincluded #entrepreNURSE Live at
The inspiring Dr Anita Ravi on solving health problems for the underserved at #xmed #sdoh . Join the livestream at
Two days until Exponential Medicine . Looking forward to be joined by an extraordinary set of faculty & participants. Join us on the free #xMed Livestream starting Sunday at 1pm PST. Signup here-->
Looking forward to Nov 4-7! There will be a free livestream at: is speaking on Nov 4 and I'm on Nov 5
I spy the - Arriving San Diego for , and boy the pilots keep getting younger! Join is for the free #xMed livestream starting Monday 12:30pm PST
Synthetic Biology and the future of #biotech. at Join the #xMed livestream #synbio
The annual Exponential Medicine event is underway here in San Diego this week, and the livestream can be found here