Introducing the face of the new £50 note - the father of computer science, Alan Turing.” Find out more #Turing50 #ThinkScience
Explore the world of science from the A of astronomy to the Z of zoology. Nominate the scientist you would like to see on the new £50 note: #ThinkScience #50poundnote
Nominate Alan Turing for face of the new £50 note. link here Alan developed the idea of the modern computer and artificial intelligence. Breaking codes he shortened the war by 2 years Churchill said. he later was not honoured due to his sexuality.
I'm voting for Turing as the scientist on the new £50 note, but part of me thinks the very important (but comparatively little known) Paul Dirac is the ideal figure for a high value note, that hardly anyone has.
Alan Turing will be the new character on the £50! Find out more: #Turing50 #ThinkScience
This is Mary Anning - an EPIC palaeontologist. She found incredible fossils, including the first ichthyosaurs & plesiosaurs brought to the attention of #science. Her discoveries changed the world. Vote for Mary to be on the new £50 note: #FossilFriday
Sterling news! Alan Turing is to be to be the face of new £50 note. Find out more #AlanTuring
Thanks very much to everyone who nominated their favourite scientist to appear on the next £50 note. We have received over 225,000 nominations and have a list of 992 eligible scientists.
Alan Turing will be the face of our new £50 note. Our design features his famous quote. What else can you see? Find out more #Turing50 #ThinkScience
This morning made an exciting announcement in our Mathematics Gallery. It's time for a fresh face on the new £50 note! They want to feature a scientist and are asking you to nominate someone noteworthy. #thinkscience
+ Am I reading correctly that Sir William Arthur Lewis is not even one of the 989 eligible names under consideration to be put of the 50 pound note?
Mary Anning on the new £50! Please vote for Mary, look how good she looks on the back if a£50! Women in science rock #maryanning50banknote
The Bank of England are asking people to vote for a scientist to go on the new £50 note #ThinkScience Let's get behind Rosalind Franklin: 1⃣ Watch this awesome Franklin vs. Watson & Crick rap battle: 2⃣ Vote here: 3⃣ Retweet
Who will you vote for to appear on the new #50poundnote - Ada Lovelace the “grandmother of computing”, Nobel prize-winning chemist Dorothy Hodgkin, DNA decoder Rosalind Franklin, pioneering paleontologist Mary Anning, or...? #WomenInSTEM
This Welsh man was one of the earliest scientists to warn of the human impact on the natural world, and among hundreds who have shaped science in the UK. Nominate your #ScienceHero to be face of the new #50poundnote. #ThinkScience
Nominate a scientist for the new £50 note! Dorothy Hodgkin and Rosalind Franklin obvious contenders...
The link to the Bank of England's voting page is here, btw
Bank of England governor picked Alan Turing as the face of the new £50 bill, among an impressive list of British scientists.
Everyone needs to get on this