This is what it is like when your neighborhood becomes the scene of a mass murder. What I saw this week in Pittsburgh
When your phone pings with a text from your sister saying, “There is a shooter at tree of life,” your brain will insist that it is not true. But your fingers will write back immediately, unthinking: “is dad there.” on the week in Pittsburgh.
Jews comprise less than 2% of the US population but make up *half* of the victims of religious hate crimes in the US. Read more from on the terrorist attack on the #TreeofLifeSynogogue here
An extraordinary, moving and raw column from on the agony and the angels when a terrorist comes to your hometown.
Somehow ⁦⁩ has put more words to her grief and turned it into poetry and magic. Must read
I had not shed tears about the Tree of Life shooting, the terror attack that tore a hole in my hometown of Pittsburgh last weekend, until I just now read what wrote about it today
This is so well done. It demonstrates how a column can capture a moment and make you feel the pain of other lives.
“If you are lucky, when a terrorist comes to your town, you will bear witness to some of this country’s better angels.” describes horror and redemption, painting a picture that is agonizingly clear.
In Opinion Opinion editor Bari Weiss writes of the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, "When your hometown becomes the site of a mass murder, familiar places will look like photo negatives"
This piece by is heavy and exactly what I needed to read before I #ShowUpForShabbat.
Read this, assign this in your classes- it hurts and it is important When a Terrorist Comes to Your Hometown - The New York Times
"When your hometown in Western Pennsylvania becomes the scene of mass murder, you know that the distance separating their reality from ours can be made tissue thin."
A truly great column. And I want to add that the columnist has been an untiring source of help to other journalists this week who seek to tell this story that put so many amazing people in the high of history
What a beautiful and poignant column by . It shows how a writer can use words to move the hearts of readers; to convey grief, sympathy and hope.
Heartbreaking and powerful column by : When a Terrorist Comes to Your Hometown #treeoflife
This is what it's like when your neighborhood becomes the scene of a mass murder. on the week in Pittsburgh.
Must-read ⁦⁩ on what happens when a terrorist comes to your hometown via , Shabbat shalom.
This column brought back many emotions that my community in Newtown faced after the shooting - but with an extra layer of despair, that it results from a craven political environment and cultural breakdown that America has chosen to tolerate.
I dare you to read this and not tear up
I hope wins a Pulitzer for this column (and only partly for the sake of seeing certain people’s heads explode)
Powerful and heartbreaking from ⁦
My friend has written many beautiful pieces. This stands out even among the best. It is haunting, Uplifting, and incredibly important. Pls read
I briefly considered an essay to - at a minimum- soothe my sadness. A purging of sorts. Could still happen. Thankfully better writers are on the task. A must read Opinion | When a Terrorist Comes to Your Hometown - The New York Times
This OpEd by & accompanying photographs by Damon Winter on the tragedy at the Pittsburgh synagogue is deeply moving.
Amazed at all the wonderful first-person pieces emerging here. This one is very good. "Anchors with glossy hair and dirty boots will report on a peaceful, respectful protest of the president as if it’s a riot." This is what reporters should not do.
This is a powerful piece by ⁦⁩ in a situation that would tax even the most hardened journalist.
i'm sorry alison - how terrible. so glad you are OK. the pittsburgh shooting was in my neighborhood. we're still raw. i wish you all healing and strength though this time. a good read that may resonate w/you
"You will watch as the rabbi hugs the man from the FBI and you will see that the FBI agent is crying and notice that you are crying, too."
The latest from is absolutely heart-breaking