My latest for : The answer to the failures of the left is not to turn conservative, unlike would have you believe. It's to stay left and fight.
So much this: "The rational response to the problems plaguing the left is not to turn right. It's to speak up against leftist intolerance where you can and make your own voice as loud as those who would try to silence it: stay left, fight, and vote."
Since I got solidly rationed thanks to Dave Rubin today, it seems like an opportune to share this....
This, from , is worth a read. I don't agree with all of it (I am concerned, for instance, about the DSA's surge), but she hits on something I've been trying to warn ppl about for years: lefty PC norms do chase voters into the arms of Trump
"Rubin—who frequently rails against identity politics while simultaneously reminding the audience that he is gay every chance he gets"...
Dave holds some idiotic positions (see below) and only pitches softballs but he’s also got a big, passionate, engaged audience who is looking for their place in politics. He maybe be dumb but he ain’t evil.
Even if no-platforming vile speakers is wrong (which, depending on the speaker, sometimes isn’t wrong) none of these plucky college students are running for office. Know what I mean?