Long lines at the voting booth? Here's a new episode to keep you company - and on Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. Slooshy well!
“I want to punch Yoel in the back of the head.” David Pizarro
“It’s not self defense when you bash someone’s head in with a dildo.” Tamler Sommers
Tamler complains a lot: “There is an actual twitter account devoted to tweeting us out of context.”
“I don’t think they can bitch about this sponsor, .” “Sorry Intro to Ethics students, but you are going to have to find another objection to Peter Singer.” Tamler Sommers
“Podcasts as a format are difficult to interact with... You can’t tweet part of a podcast out of context.” Grace Lindsay - Unsupervised Thinking podcast
“The dildo has some filling inside of it so when you rock it to one side all of the weight inside goes to the other side and shifts it back so it is weeble wobbling.” David Pizarro
“To stop child molesters you could put something on their dicks. But people might have a problem with that.” Tamler Sommers