Scientific research underpins our NHS. Yesterday, the asked the government for a lifeline for UK science. Please add your support by signing this petition: #ScienceWithoutBorders
Petition · Support and save the Philosophy Bar ·
This is the largest petition in Aus history. I think it could crack a million today... “We can send a strong message that hate speech will not be condoned, and that Muslims, or any group of people, will not have their dignity and rights eroded.”
I can't believe I'm sharing a petition but please for the love of God - Stop the NYC St Patrick's Day Parade from spreading COVID-19
Petition · Grant LGBTQ Ex-Muslim Atheist, Nacer Amari, Asylum in Denmark ·
Why are Dendy Cinemas bowing to #feminist 🔥? More cancelled. Sign to protest 👍
This one is for my UK mates: Petition · British Government: Declare war on New Zealand and immediately surrender ·
Please everyone let’s sign this to support a lovely and brave truth teller: Petition · Defend Trevor Phillips's Right to Free Speech ·
Good morning. Sharing from local women here in Georgia. Please join them in solidarity. Cover this story. Petition · We are the women of the film & media industry in Georgia. · #Gapol #MondayMotivation #WomenWork
Matthew Charles has spent the summer sitting in a county jail awaiting transfer back to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. This is just another reminder to sign his petition while we seek clemency from . Thank you.
Just 6,000 to get to one million. Petition · Dominic Cummings must be sacked ·
Petition update · Anti-MOC bill passed in Indiana Senate! Next step is House. ·
I agree with ⁦⁩ please take a minute to support and RT Petition · Members of Parliament: Urgent amendment to secure a People’s Vote ·
. launches new petition signed by leaders & citizens calling upon public officials to adopt "non-aggression pact" and pledge to constrain public subsidies for #AmazonHQ2 Links to petition can be found in this piece.
OMG, started a petition campaign against leader : "We strongly think Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is not fit for his role as WHO Director General. We call for the Immediate Resignation of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus."
Parents/carers & supporters in Edinburgh - please sign below! Petition · Lothian Buses: Parents Need to Use Lothian Buses Too ·
Please sign this! We demand justice for Kendrick!!!! Sign the Petition to Reopen Kendrick Johnson's Case #J4Kendrick ·
Come on guys keep retweeting this it’s on one million one hundred and twelve thousand and still rising! #NotMovingOn Petition · Dominic Cummings must be sacked ·
5.000.000! 😱 -Petition gegen #Uploadfilter, #Artikel13 und #Artikel11 ist die größte Kampagne auf aller Zeiten. Weltweit! Wir sind sprachlos. Sekt, please. 🍾
Merci de signer, de diffuser et de partager Pétition · Non à la compromission ! La Ligue Islamique Mondiale (LIM) n’a rien à faire à Paris ·
Please sign and RT! Petition · Jeremy Corbyn: Labour must now lead on a People's Vote ·
And you’ll either vote for the next Trump (you idiot) or boycott the next Biden because you grew up in the era of fake internet points and petitions and you think fleeting, peacocking displays of your ethical rectitude mean fuck-all in the real world. 5/
This story in Private Eye about and how they generate revenue is very concerning.
Hey , are you listening? The petition for Amazon to drop NRA TV is the #1 trending one on the site. Not to mention, you've already heard from 300,000+ from us on Twitter. Do you not care about your customers, ?
Pétition · Président de la République: Pour que la France accorde le statut de Réfugié à Asia Bibi ·
Nous sommes à quelques signatures des 4000 participants en quatre jours. Continuez svp à partager, à signer et à faire signer pour dire Non à la compromission ! La Ligue Islamique Mondiale (LIM) n’a rien à faire à Paris ·
I have allowed to reproduce my post on non-optical allyship. They are also sharing it internally with staff. My writer's fee will be donated to the Belly Mujinga Fund + I urge all who read to sign the . petition.
What can you do to help? Please consider signing this counter petition: Rutgers University: Let Lisa Daftari Speak at Rutgers ·
I know the very last thing Andrew Cuomo cares about right now is a petition, but I'm feeling so helpless it's the only thing I can think of to do.
Called the education dept for comment on our petition re absence fines. The office is closed, everyone's working from home. 🤔 They're working from HOME. Why can't our children do same if that's what we choose?!
I'll be posting my petition asking for the BBC to take Tracey Ullman's show off the air. Satire should be used to attack the powerful, not great men working for a better world. #TraceyBreaksTheNews #TraceyUllman
Sign and rt pls. Petition · Jeremy Corbyn: Labour must now lead on a People's Vote ·
For all my California friends. Ends the misery! Im told they gave 340K signatures. Need 500K. Petition · Recall California Governor Gavin Newsom! Make California Great Again. ·
In the hours since Capt. Brett Crozier was fired, the backlash online has been swift, with more than 85,000 people signing a petition calling for his reinstatement.
#bbcqt Petition · Vice-Chancellor David Eastwood: Strip Ann Widdecombe of her Honorary Doctorate from the University of Birmingham ·
Petition · Condemn persecution of LGBT people in Brunei · Please Read, Sign & RT against this utter barbarism 👇
Was anyone else aware that is not necessarily a benign outfit? Alert from the current :
OK - so now we're just twiddling our fingers and ....waiting. Why not get proactive and sign this petition? I dont care that it's , nor that it will be 'ignored'. Just keep on stating the truth. Let's get this massive!
Breaking! Police arrested at least 7 people for sharing online petition via to impeach Election Commission for alleged mishandling of #ThaiElection2019. Many activists involved in this campaign across #Thailand also reported being harassed by authorities.
🦠Petition · UK Govt: Provide PPE to ALL frontline NHS to keep them safe #coronavirus · 🦠
In < a day, nearly 10,000 signed a petition to save Penka the pregnant cow. Meanwhile, less than 46,000 have signed site's petition to save Oleg Sentsov, a hunger-striking Ukrainian held hostage by Russia for 4 years. #HumansRWeird
Just a friendly reminder to sign Matthew Charles' petition. His Nashville community wants him home. #JusticeReformNow #FreeMatthewCharles
#YangGang #alohagang #BernieSanders I started a petition on to get and the to publically endorse an #EmergencyUBI of #2k a month untill Covid19 is over. Please sign and share with your friends and family
It's disgusting that the Queen has a gold piano when a national treasure like Elton John is only able to afford a silver piano encrusted with sapphires or some shit. We need to revolt, and by that I mean set up a petition on like we did in the olden times.
Laura Loomer started a petition to demand Harvard retract his admission.
1/3 #Breaking! removed the petition,'Bonnie Crombie Stop the Division of Mississauga Citizens' which thousand of Canadians had signed. C the attached snapshot and you'll know why👇. Violation of #FreedomOfExpression. #NotMyCanada
Petition · Keir Starmer: It's Time to Support Proportional Representation ·
Who's gonna sign my petition to move defcon to San Diego? Currently handles well over 100k attendees for SDCC, and a week in San Diego is more a beach vacation than a death march through a torturous hellscape.
Michael Pelletier's name is on "the list" President Trump refers to. Paraplegic at age 11, serving ! Please sign his petition on #CANDO profile page.
#SackEstherMcVey Please sign the petition organised by DPAC Calling for Secretary of State for DWP Esther McVey to be sacked for lying to Parliament over Universal Credit. Please share far and wide
Petition calling on Quebec to reverse mask rule removed by
Coming up on : will be discussing her 35,000-strong petition to stop Gavin McInnes from entering Aus. McInnes' tour has been delayed but he's still coming, and now he is bringing Tommy Robinson with him.
#PrincipiaNoSeCierra La petición de exigiendo que el permanezca activo supera las 7500 adhesiones en un solo día. ¿Aún no has firmado? Difunde y evita el cierre de este Centro de divulgación científica en #Málaga
This is a petition to have vote NO on the EU Copyright Directive. Please share this to as many people as you can. The Free and Open Internet must not die! #SaveYourInternet #StopACTA2 #savedemocracy
Petition: “Jeremy Corbyn MP: My Local Election 2019 vote against Labour was NOT a vote to 'get on with Brexit'”: Via #RemainerBacklash #StopBrexit
Now posted on our 132 countries study showing that women create fewer petitions than men — but they’re more successful! #gender #civictech
Petition update · Letter to the Prime Minister · Richard Ratcliffe’s wife Nazanin is still in prison in Iran. UK government has failed her. ⁦⁩’s role in this tragedy is shameful. #FreeNazanin
Delighted this petition to get John Bercow removed as Speaker because of his anti-Brexit bias has been successful, even if the person responsible for his removal is himself
SAY. HIS. NAME. We stand in solidarity with the protesters of Friday night’s shooting. We’ve added the link in our bio for the petition to demand justice for Rayshard Brooks. Join us in signing. #rayshardbrooks #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter
Petition · Bring back the youtube channel 'Atheism-is-Unstoppable' ! ·
Today CEO Ben Rattray received this legal notice for attempting to censor our petition. To sign the petition: If you have attempted to sign the petition but are unable to, please screenshot what you are seeing and DM us!
petition to light Sauron's Eye above Salesforce Tower San Francisco. #eyeofsf
The aim of #WheresYourHeadAt is to change the law so that employers must provide Mental Health First Aid, as well as physical first aid. To achieve this we first need to get over 100,000 petition signatures on For more information:
After the NYT article by , approached me to start a petition to . Please sign and share if you agree that Toyota should support California's fuel emission standards! Let’s get Toyota to change their tune! ✊🏼💚✊🏼
Legal think tank that believes violates the First Amendment by criticizing a petition () also has strong feelings about RICO.
Thank you to those who came to stand with us outside the as well as the 80,000 people who signed 's petition. Together we demanded SAFE ROUTES NOW.
Petition · "Asking the American Chemical Society to join the Initiative for Open Citations" ·
Big problems demand big solutions. Sign the petition to bring climate education to every school in the US. #ClimateChangeIsReal #TheClimateLeague Sign the petition
Plus d’un millier de signataires en moins de 24h, rejoignez-nous ! Pétition · Démocrates: Non à la compromission ! La Ligue Islamique Mondiale (LIM) n’a rien à faire à Paris ·
Today I was guest editor on the show with Andrea Lee & Professor Jonathan Greig. A petition was launched on by Ella’s family to ask the Attorney General for a new inquest into Ella’s death. . Please share
There's a petition requesting disclosure of my financial ties to Reckitt/Indivior, the maker of Suboxone. I can make this easy- I don't have any. I have never had a financial relationship with a pharmaceutical company- even ones who make products we need.
Here’s Snapchat official response to the petition complaining about the app’s redesign
I may have heard everything. In their anti-surtax petition, Shaughnessy homeowner's describe themselves as "a vulnerable minority." #vanre #bcpoli Some folks really need to get out more.
Petition · Jeremy Corbyn MP: Naz Shah MP: RESIGN or be SACKED #MeToo #CSE #CSA is real
City council votes today. Sign now! Petition · Mayor Don Iveson: Edmonton, Alberta! Mandate Masks To Stop COVID-19 Spread ·
Yes yes yes sign sign sign ✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼 Petition · Reopen a direct ferry from the UK to Denmark ·
petition urges to to "all virtual" for safety of all #Philadelphia #coronavirus #phillynews
Please RT: Petition · Suspend all Routine Eye Examination in England to prevent spread of COVID-19 ·
Here's the petition for Judith Negron, whose sentence was commuted today by President Trump.
To be clear, it’s not just Counsellors being inappropriate with each other. I’ve actually had Senior staff (also Counsellors) from MBs ring me at home and tell me to remove our scrap #SCoPEd petition from the website. It may 1/
Following a presentation at the #APPGIFI from about issues at their local NNU, and their campaign , we are now hearing from and about the launch of the new website.
Almost 5 weeks ago was arrested in Juba for criticising the govt. No charges have been filed & he's been denied access to a lawyer. Please sign petition to #FreePeterBiar and direct calls to diplomats
Oh dear, . Not a good look to be profiting from fascism and lies. Don’t you fact check petitions? I thought you were better than that. You’ve lost my support. Private Eye News: What a lot of Tommy rot via
Help us educate the next generation on Climate Change. Sign the petition today. #ClimateChangeIsReal #TheClimateLeague Sign the petition
Please get involved and share ⁩ · #CurbTheCount AND Stop Calories being displayed on menus! ·
Petition to sack DC on has topped 903,000 this morning. Please support!
Lets crowdsource therapy! I've started a petition building on the using #media for #therapy theme of my recent talk. If this is something you support then please do take a moment to sign the petition
Pour il semblerait que la suppression de cette pétition qui manifestement n'est pas une "mobilisation citoyenne" mais du astroturfing (par qui?) ne semble pas possible. En revanche ils ont tenté de supprimer les propos les plus faux + warning sur pétition
Portare l'Italia al 2% del PIL in ricerca e innovazione entro 5 anni e' possibile! firmate la petizione su !
“Let’s give science away” has been a motto of since it’s founding. That is where the true hypocrisy lies. ⁦⁩ Petition · The APS should withdraw its support from the AAP-led letter to the White House ·
Non-Profit Hilariously Claims It Can Sue For 'Flagging' Its Petition
1,247 signatures right now ... “Petition · Hold Fairfax County Public Schools Accountable for Educating our Kids During Pandemic ·
Today on , looks at 's identity crisis. The company promotes itself as a tool for social progress, but it is also a for-profit company and an open platform, which are often at odds with this marketing.
There is a petition to have Professor Patton reinstated on .
Understanding the science behind climate change is the first step to act on it. Sign the petition to bring climate education to every school in the US. #ClimateChangeIsReal #TheClimateLeague Sign the petition
Audience commentator - grassroots leverage can come via choice of who you peer-review for - petition exists. What we need is 'networked anti-authoritarianism' #AAS2018 #censorship
Shall we start a petition to get to move the show page? I'll bet we can get legions of Russian bots to sign.
Any followers interested in leading the effort on #PresidioPeoplesPark ? I've secured some funding for the effort. The work would involve organizing digital campaign (, website), printing/distributing door hangers, and attending meetings.
When asked to imagine someone suffering with an eating disorder, most will imagine a stick thin, gaunt looking girl. But this is not the reality of eating disorders. #dumpthescales ·
Signed. Would be good to add a link to the letter on the site.
que comente todas las galas de OT este año porfavoroslopido.
Petition · London’s only HIV/AIDS Hospital, made famous by Princess Diana, faces closure ·
UK Director of , Kajal Odedra, talks about the power of community and shares the importance of sharing and connecting through each other’s stories. #ILI2019
Can I start a petition? We'll have the Twitter shareholders cowering in their boots
Dr Gopal has received racist and hateful abuse since the petition was launched, tweeting that the campaign can be reported for harassment on
If you're struggling to sign with MoveOn, you can also sign here at
Mob justice at its worst. , and New Times are now influencing TIX sanctions.
The quote from that article reflected a misunderstanding by the reporter. However, several UCSF faculty have just mounted a boycott initiative on it hasn’t gotten much exposure yet.
Suggest raise a campaign in to make it GDPR compliant. :-)
Over 9,000 ppl have signed the petition to oppose SF239, which would allow personal belief vaccine exemptions in Iowa. Who knows how meaningful such a petition is, but the comments (all Iowan, as far as I've found) are encouraging.
Starting a petition on to persuade Chetan Bhagat to pick up a book other than his own.
Petition · Theresa May MP: Open access to research findings (All diseases) free Journal articles access for all ·
I’m confused. Why is the petition story concerning a drug charge for honey oil, and you’re tweeting about tampering with firearms charges?
“It can’t be *that* bad.” <click> 15 seconds later: reported, considering starting a petition to have everyone involved in...whatever that was either fired or sent to mandatory culinary sensitivity training. *Kids* might see that!
Please join me Petition ·Bring Science to the White House ·
Lol: petition to get Apple to recall their laptop keyboards. (My MBP period key currently types two periods for every one press 20% of the time, but I'm tired of replacing it so I just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
Petition · Relaxe pour toutes les militantes FEMEN ! ·
Someone needs to start a petition to ban Betsy Devos from ever being named as the #DesignatedSurvivor
Found e-petition: and source code for the UK's petition system. Otherwise, it's fragmented. I can't write code well enough to implement any of these, but maybe someone reading this tweet can. Otherwise,
Three years ago petitioned on Ludlam's eligibility. Yet he says he first found out a week ago?
. is helping women unleash their power to change their societies. As head of the Foundation, she’s leading an initiative that combines online tools with in-person organizing, giving women a voice in her native India—and beyond.
Petition · Federal Bureau of Investigation: Declare Antifa a Domestic Terrorist Organization ·
A big thank you to all the creators who helped bring attention to Article 13. The debate remains ongoing and could be decided early next week. Continue to make your voice heard, speak up, & sign the petition at
Petition · Canadian Tech Community: Sign the OSC Open Letter on ICOs Regulation ·
Let’s keep this going: Teddys hard work has led to him being awed at petition, stating this is way more than 5 employees now which he spoke to. Except anyone can sign this. You don’t even have to verify your identity or that you actually work at Oracle.
Giant Pacific Garbage Patch Wants to Be World's 196th Nation. You Can Support on #LoveThis
Please sign & RT this Petition · Urgent amendment to secure a #PeoplesVote to demand a #FinalSay on #BrexitDeal #InformedConsent ·
Petition · Immediate lockdown for reducing spread of COVID-19 · . I urge you to sign this petition calling for “Maximum mitigation” in response to #COVID19 outbreak.
Go here to sign the petition to #ShutDownMASS in order to minimize the spread of #coronavirus at
please sign my petition to bring back Google's original logo
Remember when was like this thing where people posted idealistic things to change the world? Of course now it's turned into a place for people to pump cryptos.
Petition · Petition for BuzzFeed to Remove Their False Article About Tony Robbins · ⁩ has changed lives study NLP shock language is part of it. He is a terrific person. End the madness of over political correction
2/ But I could be biased, since after I wrote an article that painted her in a negative and in-over-her-head light, she publicly accused me of fraud -- a felony criminal act -- in a petition. She CONSTANTLY targets journalists.
Petition · Today Programme: BBCR4 Today: It's time to drop the horse racing tips ·
Has a petition ever resulted in anything changing?
Lol. Now there is a counter petition! “Don’t Refund Their Money”
Petition · Grant LGBTQ Ex-Muslim Atheist, Nacer Amari, Asylum in Denmark ·
It would be awesome...Petition · Get ⁦⁩ to Moderate the 2020 Presidential Debate ·
. presents his research on the men participate more, but women are more successful at mobilizing successful petitions Predictably and ironically, only men are asking questions. :(
Please see this suggestion for a "Universal Manuscript" format for all journals. If anyone is keen, we could launch a signature campaign and collect lots of signatures. This might force journals to do something constructive.
Petition update · Should Psychiatry Drop Schizophrenia From the Lexicon? ·
ha there is a petition with ~2k signatures to get Ripple to stop dumping XRP:
Here's the email I sent Jeffrey Liebman at Harvard to get him to reconsider appointing the former governor of Michigan as a fellow at the Kennedy School. You can do that too ([email protected]) or sign this petition
Is Allegedly Censoring A Petition From An Anti-Semitism Watchdog Group
Petition · Support Camille Paglia Against Political Persecution ·
Petition · Test frontline NHS staff for COVID-19 as a priority. ·
Petition · Test frontline NHS staff for COVID-19 as a priority. · Almost a million signatures. Why do we need to ask for this with a petition? Where is the leadership we need?
Sign the manifesto · Time to mobilize EU collective intelligence for responsible lockdown exit strategies ·
Petition · Senator Mitch McConnell: #DitchMitch And Open America ·
is trying to tell me that billionaires and Wall St ran Toys R Us into the ground... Wasn't it really customers choosing not to go there and using places like Amazon instead?
Further to the issue in my petition: Call on Governments and Business Leaders to Say No to Single-Use Plastics #globalcitizen
We’re rapidly approaching the day when a Constitutional Convention is arraigned and ratified by a petition.
Sign here to drop antiquated schizo-terminology: Petition · American Psychiatric Association: APA Drop the Stigmatizing Term "Schizophrenia" ·
So apparently Christian fundamentalist school has never had locks on its dorm rooms and is just now considering installing them, after a student named Ethan Winningham gathered over 1,000 student signatures on a petition.
Petition to reverse the BBC's decision to stop broadcasting Scottish Government's daily briefing - essential messaging for population health.
Petition · Addressing Structural Racism in Clinical Psychology ·
An important step for #science. Sign the petition ! Protect the European Research Council (ERC) in the EU budget ·
reloading a petition to see how many people have signed doesn't immediately work, since they seem to game the counter, so that when you reload, it starts lower than the current number then keeps incrementing (a psychology trick?)
Yeah, this has come up quite a bit as an issue. I went with the Parliament as it seemed like a 'higher impact' option, and I didn't think it would be this difficult to sign. It could be copied onto eg , but not sure if 'fragmented' is a good idea?
Good question - even if I log in @ , all I can see is we reached 97 signatures (way to go!) and who has chipped in and/or shared the petition:
I think copying it to is a great idea and have both going at the same time. Then you can collate them in the end and explain why there are 2 versions
I disagree with Peter Hitchens on a lot. He has me blocked because of it. But this is funny Petition · Replace the statue of Cecil Rhodes at Oriel College with a statue of Peter Hitchens ·
Here is the petition calling for the arrests of the officers who killed #BreonnaTaylor Petition to #DefundThePolice GoFundMe for Breonna's family #SayHerName
Hah! -- Petition · San Francisco government: Ban kitchens from the houses of San Francisco supervisors ·
Have you signed the #GoTransparent petition @ ←Demand to know #WhoMadeYourClothes! #FashRev
Some other ideas: petition Foursquare or FB check-in place Google Map biz registry Snap geo filter
We don't even know if they're all connected to the school. Anyone can sign a petition. Or start one.
Starting a petition to get on The Simpsons
Petition · Demanding The Closure of Live Animal Markets in China ·
OMG: Watch this video (3m50s) of Deutschland on the day of the #Article13 and #Article11 vote; the money-quote from is that all of the resistance to the copyright directive is "based on lies"
Petition · All the people who would buy the phone.: Show Microsoft the demand for the Surface Phone or Andromeda! ·
How responsive is your MP? Ranking by here: Underpinning data here (google spreadsheet): methods here:
Quite enjoying English twitter just being single words, swearing and noises right now. Might start a petition for it to stay like this one evening a week
That’s disappointing, looks like have removed the petition. Fortunately Google had a cache from when it was created, so we’d better keep it for posterity:
1. Write a piece on what impact Covidisation can have on research with as many colleagues as possible from diverse fields and geographies 2. Start a campaign and address that to all major research agencies & funders
Petition against raising the retirement age scored more than 2 million signatures run on website from indie all-Russian association of trade unions(KTR) good barometer of where ppl are on reforms. so far Kremlin can ignore this
and please- no need to donate to . the money only goes to advertising for them. If someone else can suggest a better foundation for immigrant rights I'm happy to amplify here and on the petition
Please sign this Petition if you believe in due process; Stop investigations and adjudications that ‘Start By Believing'
Conservative MEP Zdechovský, petition call on European Parliament to REPEAT #copyright vote that went wrong - #article13 #article11
Rhianna Jones and Kerrilyn Gibson have started a petition calling for the addition of an Afro emoji. It has more than 2,000 signatures, and Jones said they planned to submit the emoji to the Unicode Consortium on Sunday.
EDL founder Tommy Robinson jailed for contempt of court - This is alarming - 'A petition calling for his release had received nearly 500,000 signatures by Tuesday afternoon'
signed letters in Harpers are the petitions of 2020 I guess
I try to learn something new everyday. Last night I learned a woman named Melissa used to get Netflix to stop Autoplay Advertisement and now it’s all I think about...
Programme’ petition on . I am writing to you to inform you of the news that my petition has now gained over 10,000 signatures. The petition can be accessed via this link
has a petition running to test UK frontline staff for covid-19 as a priority. Please sign if you support and retweet on. Thank you #COVID2019
yeah, in hindsight, was a poor choice. sorry! but hopefully people will still sign the petition, and I promise I'll use something else next time (well, hopefully there won't be a next time)
So this is where we are today. with a petition against the Oxford Union. And correcting critics by saying ‘not the University’ is unlikely to be a productive strategy.
Should I be angry or impressed that my son started a petition to appeal against a recent parenting decision......
Petition · , stoppen und überarbeiten Sie das bayerische #Psychiatriegesetz ·
#QueSeSepa El estudio sobre violencias sexuales más grande de la historia. & Petición en para medidas urgentes contra la violencia sexual.
LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman Invests Big Change In
LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman Invests Big Change In
Let's Stop the Robocall Insanity! - Sign the Petition at via
Petition · Rochester City Council and Rochester Park Board: Save the Soldiers Field Track ·
Great synopsis of the totally forgettable edition of last night. 'Judging in lesbian': exec's eye-rolling moment on Q&A
A petition to prohibit Jordan Peterson from speaking at the National Gallery: peterson-speaking-at-your-event Another petition to kick Jordan Peterson off Patreon :
A petition to prohibit Jordan Peterson from speaking at the National Gallery: peterson-speaking-at-your-event Another petition to kick Jordan Peterson off Patreon :
Petition · Stadtrat #Bern: Kein Abbau bei Angeboten für Kinder, Jugendliche, Familien, sozial benachteiligte Menschen ·
there was a petition 8 years ago to try and tell congress to cut out subsidies to corn and soy... it got 451 supporters.
Petition · Immediate cessation of the stigmatising Cancer Research UK campaign · ⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
Petition to increase funding to train more physicians in the US· Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act of 2019 · #MEDED #healthworkers
Attn: residents! - Make your voice heard on November 7th ·
There's a petition asking them to, signed by 82K people btw
Petition · Addressing Structural Racism in Clinical Psychology ·
incorrect I already have 20,000 signatures on my petition
Can someone make a petition or write an open letter that we can all sign disavowing those two?
Eh. 64 people signing a petition are hardly a "mob."
Petition DNC!!!: Rename Democrat Party--Its Name Is Ultimate Symbol of Slavery/Segregation
Does anyone have a contact at Thanks.
Petition · Yelp: Remove online reviews of doctors! ·
Hmm. If I start a petitition 2 cut tech (H-1B) visas do you think Reid Hoffman's outfit will give it a fair shot?
#ili2019 Day 2. Morning keynote is from of
Unfortunately I can’t give it to you. Think it might take an act of Congress or something like that. Will get a petition going.
キャンペーン · ヨミドクターの「人生会議」の記事を修正してもらいたい! · 同意だね。人生会議あるいはACPを推進する方々あるいは、関わるものはACPを経験しないとね。
Open Letter to UK Government: ‘Do you want our PPE or not?’ by UK
petition signed:✅ Donation made to the legal fund:✅ Joining fellow organizations and individuals in solidarity and protest: ✅ In the U.S., we atheists face a number of harmful things, but we have the…
. speaking about how enables people to campaign for social change and share their story #digievol18
A friend of mine in London sent me this petition! Seems like a nice way to monitor for #covid19 symptoms on a broad basis! “We urge Mayor of London to fund provision of oxygen monitors ( probes) for every home”
Petition to Cambridge University Press Not to Censor China Articles ·
Mario Maj in World Psychiatry: Why the clinical utility of diagnostic categories in psychiatry is intrinsically limited ·