A 22% vacancy rate and only third or so of new home purchases as first homes. This is going to matter before long : Fifth of China’s Homes Are Empty. That’s 50 Million Apartments
Study: 22% of all homes in China are unoccupied and a selloff would be catastrophic. “There’s no other single country with such a high vacancy rate” Doesn't even seem that high if u drive in outskirts of cities tiers 2-5 huge swathes of dark highrises
A fifth of China's homes are empty. That's 50 million apartments via
"Latest data from #China suggests Beijing’s efforts to curb property speculation - considered a key threat to financial & social stability - are coming up short," reports A cautionary parallel for #Vanre #BCpoli of course #vanpoli #Tore #vanpoli
There are enough empty apartments in China to house the entire population of South Korea - single occupancy. via