Data conclusively shows that the "incel" view of sex is wrong: Few American men are celibate, and most are monogamous within a given year.
Are a few alpha male Chads depriving the majority of men of female company? No, but the myth of hypergamy animates the Incel movement in part due to house philosophers like Jordan Peterson and Robin Hanson.
Hypergamy, Incels & Reality: "The claim that women have sex with high-status men and, in doing so, deprive other men of their attentions, is false."
Fascinating piece - Hypergamy, Incels, and Reality via
Analysis by of a 2004 sociological study tracking high schoolers' sex lives seems to disprove the common (Pareto) conceptions of "sexual market value" and "hypergamy".
Empirical case that there are no chads
I explain to people on the internet that they are actually getting laid, but just haven’t noticed yet.
"It’s probably a bad idea to treat sex as a political good." Thanks, Hypergamy, Incels, and Reality via