If you're a heterodox thinker--or were going to attend the canceled Day of Reflection conference tomorrow in NYC--come out to a meetup w folks from & elsewhere. 8pm Deets
I will be at the “Day of Reflection Refugees” event tonight. Get a ticket and come say hello.
When Pangburn hands you lemons, made a lemonade by organizing his own activities for fellow stiffed ticket-holders. The day ends with a cocktail party where some NY-based speakers will attend. When: 8-11pm tonight Where: Museum of Sex RSVP
Update on #ReflectionRefugees
When Pangburn canceled the Day of Reflection conference I canceled my plane ticket for NY. Later I learned that people headed to NY for the event were planning to gather independenly. Had I known I'd have kept my flight and joined in.
Pangburn Philosophy’s “Day of Reflection” conference was cancelled just a few days before the event, blindsighting many people who are traveling from afar. Now a small group of them have worked nonstop to put on an alternative gathering
Come on out Saturday night for a mixer featuring folks from shooting the breeze about stuff we agree and disagree on. Free, but RSVP a must: Details
UPDATE: register for this and come hang out!