Excellent review by Marcia Angell about the big opioid books. Finding them problematic: “The problem with these three books, and it’s a big one, is that they treat the Purdue story as though it were the whole story of the opioid epidemic.”
Once again, Marcia Angell nails it. "To end the epidemic of deaths of despair, we need to target the sources of the despair." via
finally someone (other than us ;-) notices that these books present a flawed narrative about addiction, suggesting it is created by supply, which drives ineffective approaches like PDMPs & ignores pain see also /1
The USA. Opion nation. 72,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2017. Purdue Pharma. OxyContin. Doctors. Money. Pain. EEUU. Nación opiácea. 72.000 estadounidenses muertos por sobredosis en 2017. Oxicodona. Industrias. Dinero. Dolor.
We need to remember an essential and crucial fact: opioids do have a legitimate purpose, and it’s an enormously important one. They treat severe pain, often when no other treatment is effective.
A bit simplistic, to say the least: Marcia Angell in : "for most users there was a moment of choice in becoming addicted that is not the case for people with cancer or diabetes"
Excellent review exposes twists & turns of #OpioidCrisis. Troubling that almost everything we've done so far to contain it has been wrong & there are no quick fixes.
American opioid problem is a political problem not a criminal or even public health one - Marcia Angell -