Hey, the Dutch-start up, The Correspondent just hit $1 million in their membership campaign. They need $2.5 million to launch in the English-speaking world. Go to to find out more and join. I am a supporter. Here's why:
10,000 members, from 77 countries, in 4 days. The campaign for The Correspondent is off to a great start. We're 1/4 of the way there. Read about why I am supporting them, and for the first time in my career urging followers to join.
Maybe you have followed my critique of "the View from Nowhere" over the years. If you have, then this is something I wrote for you. No, I mean directly @ you.
"I not only endorse what they are doing. It is what I would do if I started my own site." Why I am backing in its membership campaign. (12,395 founding members from 80 countries so far.) Read my explanation:
Completing my personal year in review, this was the best thing I did this year. The Correspondent's successful membership campaign. Some 45,000 founding members from 130+ countries gave $2.6 million to a promising idea.
Just five days into The Correspondent’s membership campaign — on which I am all-in — some 11,000 founding members from 87 countries have already joined.
Some 15,000 members signed up in 15 days. Over $1 million raised. The Correspondent is the world's most successful member-funded, ad-free news site. I am all in. I'm backing them, for reasons explained here: Learn more, and join us:
“If you have ever wondered what I would recommend to public-spirited people who want a better press, this is it.” explains why he’s a founding member of The Correspondent!
"Targeted Advertising Is Ruining the Internet and Breaking the World." Yep. I agree. It's one reason I am supporting The Correspondent's campaign. It's ad-free journalism. No tracking you around the internet, either. Read my letter: