The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature (2002/2016). 16+ years later, the case that there is such a thing as human nature still needs to be made.
The Blank Slate (2002/2016) notes that the dogma comes from lazy moralizing: "We should combat bullying and sexism" (true) "therefore boys and girls are born indistinguishable" (unlikely, & unnecessary).
I've argued that left-right differences come from different visions of human nature and (in the US) different histories But increasingly they are purely tribalistic. .
Part of the blame lies with parenting-industrial complex: Bogus claims that parents shape their children, from studies that don't control for genes or peer culture. See The Blank Slate (2002/2016)
This was discussed in the 201g afterword in the new edition of The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature
The Mental Life of Modernism: Jay Keyser's hypothesis on Modernism overlaps with the argument I made in "The Arts" chapter of The Blank Slate, the 2nd-most controversial chapter in the book (after Children, and ahead of Gender).
And of course my own: The Blank Slate (2002/2016)