The climate in 🇧🇷+ the 🌎🌍🌏 is threatened by Amazon deforestation. But meanwhile remaining forest is *already* changing due to #ClimateChange. with Carlos Nobre, Tom Lovejoy,
"How Amazon forest loss could affect water supplies far away" by for
Brazil's new prez wants to cut down more rainforest. But even a small increase could shift the Amazon to a different type of landscape, devastating water and climate far away. It's "not a crazy, hair-brained possibility—it' a very real one." Me
Thomas Lovejoy, the "Godfather of Biodiversity": Clearing 20% of original Amazon could shift world's largest rainforest to savanna—and a massive carbon sink to a source. We're already at 17%—possibly more. My story w/
“All this water then moves like a giant flowing river in the sky, falling as rain and then evaporating again and again until it reaches the Andes. Ultimately, the forest produces at least half of its own rain.”
Amazon Rainforest whiplashing (flickering) between drought and flood: 2005: 100 year drought 2009: massive floods 2010: 100 year drought 2012: massive floods 2014: massive floods 2015-16: 100 year drought Many systems flicker before tipping. 1/2