Following on from my recent appearance on the (#sfDORA) webinar (), and inspired by posts by and , I declare, "I am not my H-index or my JIFs"...#ResponsibleMetrics
“Who we hire and whether we promote are hugely important decisions, and we should do due diligence on that process in the same way that we would when we collect some data that goes into a paper.” -- Full interview with #sfDORA here
NEW BLOG! The summary and audio from our interview with is now available on the website! He says, “Now we think a lot harder about where we submit, we think a lot harder about who we review for, and we engage more with #preprints.”
No review case is the same, because there are a lot of ways people advance science. This can be difficult to recognize given the secrecy that is often associated with promotion & tenure.Transparency could help. More in our interview with !
" believes we need to recognize that the platform for major research advances is built by many people. He wants administrators to value all contributions to research, including teaching & outreach. All of which allow science to move forward."