One more thing: if you haven't signed up to be an organ donor, go here. You can make a miraculous difference by doing so
Thinking of a New Years #resolution ? Consider #organdonation . In USA your registration is protectedโ€” your family cannot veto it. Save a life and leave a legacy ๐Ÿ˜‡
Indebted to the person whose tissue rebuilt my ACL. A single organ donor can save or improve 50 lives. Become one
please. donate your organs. no one should have to wait on a list for a transplant. there is no shortage of people dying. #OrganDonation #DonateLife
My ruptured ACL, 2 wks ago. My perfect new ACL, frm donor tissue, 2 hrs later. 1 donor -> 50 lives improved. Be one:
February 14th was Organ Donor Day. Sign up for the organ donor registry to save lives
Remember: you can help people after you are done. Sign up to be an
Did you know that ~20 people die waiting for an organ donation in the US everyday? Consider becoming an organ donor if you haven't already. US registration info