‘It’s not a good deal’: Email blunder reveals doubts within the ⁦⁩ about Theresa May's draft #Brexit agreement via ⁦
Humiliation for tonight as they’re exposed as May’s useful idiots - defending a “deal” they think is rubbish. Time for them to represent the majority of UK businesses, who want a #peoplesvote
‘It’s not a good deal’ Email blunder shows that businesses are not rallying enthusiastically behind #TheresaMay's draft #Brexit agreement, but have big doubts about it: .
Critically important British business gives honest opinion on PMs #Brexit agreements. ‘It’s not a good deal’: Email reveals doubts within the CBI about Theresa May's draft Brexit agreement - ITV News.
The EU funded CBI does not stand up for business but sucks up to government. Truth will out.
“It’s not a good deal” expose shoddy tactics of + collaborating with No10 to sell “deal” to MPs. Looking foolish today when declaration has ZERO mentions of frictionless trade + not worth paper written on. Well done
Want to know why ABE exist? Below are a series of leaked emails from the #CBI showing they privately think the #WithdrawalAgreement is a terrible deal too. Yet they do what the government tell them. We do not. Retweet the hell out of this. #brexit
Further proof, if any were needed, that even those who profess to support the PM's "deal" are doing so through gritted teeth. It is time to end this charade and let Labour take over the negotiations.
Brexit has been dogged by people failing to stand up and say what is in their heart. But now is the moment of truth. The CBI and everyone else need to be honest about the evidence and stop trying to be clever at the expense of being right #PeoplesVote