ABORTION IS STILL LEGAL AND AVAILABLE IN ALL 50 STATES. If you need an abortion, visit () to find a clinic near you and find a list of local abortion funds at Read this thread to learn how to support abortion access:
Folks can follow , join as a member anchored to their local abortion fund here: . They can find their local abortion fund here: they can learn abt what abortion funds do here: & folk can donate.
FUNDING ABORTION IS MUTUAL AID. We will continue raising and distributing money for abortion access. Join us as we build a better world. Find your local abortion fund here:
Folks that run Abortion Funds - please reply with your donation links so I can amplify. If you don’t know where to start check out & their map of the over 70 Abortion funds around the country
Good morning! Abortion is legal in all 50 states still, so have you given to your local abortion fund yet today? Saturdays are often the busiest day for patient care, so support a patient who couldn’t get in without assistance.
Abortion funds form a network of over 70 grassroots organizations. Find the fund in your area here: #abortionsolidarity
Dropping this in the thread so folks know how to get involved: Donate to your local abortion fund. They do this. Go to to find yours. They’re raising $2 million at — find your local #Bowl19 event, donate, take friends, volunteer!
Hey friends!! If you donate to or a local abortion fund near you (list of US funds: ) DM me a screenshot of your donation and I will match it!! Let's say up to $1000 and if we hit that I'll think about what comes next. ❤️
Anyone interested in promoting abortion access in the United States should donate to to keep independent clinics (which provide 2/3 of abortions open) at or to their local !
There isn't one single organization that can keep abortion accessible for everyone. It takes all of us. If you'd like to make a direct impact on abortion access in your community, donate to your local abortion fund. Here's a list: