There have been few things on Twitter that have astonished me, gripped me, really angered me and made me laugh as much as the loop the loop Philip Cross “controversy”. Here is Oliver Kamm’s superb description, which gets the facts and the tone just right.
How Russian sympathisers and Assad apologists cooked up a baseless conspiracy theory about - and made it onto the BBC. A must-read parable for the era of fake news
This is a must read by on the truly bizarre Philip Cross conspiracy accusations
I have a grim feeling that the appalling experience describes here will become much more common in the coming years.
Sorry to hear that was (at least at one point) pretty shaken up by this nonsense - but in this article he demolishes the conspiracy theory in his customary brilliant style #respect #Kammo
My colleague writes beautifully on a bizarre conspiracy theory of which he was the target.
Fascinating piece by on how a far left conspiratorial fantasy was exploited by Russia and treated a 'news' by the BBC
Of all the pieces I've ever tweeted, do please read this one. It explains so much about a toxic space online that has now well and truly seeped into our public life. This piece is essential to an understanding of how warped our public life has become
This really is an extraordinary tale from
Dealing with conspiracy theorists requires rare qualities: self- restraint, calm and care with evidence. provides a master class: How credulous cranks made me the subject of their baseless conspiracy theory via
characteristically brilliant here on the insanity of our internet age. How credulous cranks made me the subject of their baseless conspiracy theory via
The BBC amplified a conspiracy theory about cooked up by fringe figures
Important case study about targeted conspiracy against journo & thanks to it had spread as well. Lesson for Slovakian microcosmos.
Yes. As eg , & I have long argued, & are not journalistic outlets at all so it’s pointless being surprised at their systematic malpractice. My own small experience of their calumnious fakery is set out here.
Crikey this by shows the real impact of the spread of fake news in peddling conspiracy theories. For people interested in the whole debate on fake news, do buy book on it when published. via
Most of the so-called "evidence" said to "support" this daft conspiracy theory boiled down to weak correlations (eg timings) between Wiki edits & tweets by (etc). Its believers were too busy believing to recall that correlation isn't causation.
.: If these accusations were true, they would have ruined my career
What a strange and sordid tale of targeted harassment, fabrication, and defamation, built into a public campaign by people with political/personal grudges (and Russia's English-language media). By no means unique in this age, sadly by for
They're also going after anyone with even a vague connection to , much as the same people managed to rope people like lil' ol' me into another conspiracy promoted by Russian state TV that brilliantly wrote about here 👇
Another example of why George Galloway is a stain on our political system, and how fake news can nearly break someone. Brave of Oliver Kamm to write this. "How credulous cranks made me the subject of their baseless conspiracy theory" #politics #feedly
. was the target of a conspiracy theory, totally baseless and damaging rumours, which could have ended his career
On an immeasurably less important issue than Assad's war crimes, Robinson & his associates promoted a totally false & inherently ludicrous conspiracy theory about me. Hence I am well acquainted with their credulousness.
I wrote for about my experience of being targeted by Russian state propaganda, Craig Murray & gaggle of credulous pro-Assad academics with this nonsense. It’s weird to watch a conspiracy theory wax & crash when there’s zero evidence for it.
I’m particularly unfazed by ’s sensitivities given their participation in a grossly false conspiracy theory that I’ve detailed here - quite the weirdest thing ever to happen to me in the world of journalism.
No idea why this gentleman has added you to a weird conspiracy theory but it’s good to see there are some Kamm Truthers still keeping the faith. Here’s the background.
As an odd postscript: this year I had bizarre experience of being targeted by , and an assortment of fringe campaigners with a totally false & calumnious conspiracy theory. I wrote about it for ; and I’m still here.
Supposing anyone wants to know what the Great MSM Wikipedia Editing Conspiracy is all about (believe me, it’s not worth your time), I wrote about it here. It’s weird.
Trivial issue in itself, but I set out the background to Galloway’s fiasco here. I may be insignificant person, but the tactic used by Russian state propaganda & conspiracy theorists has wider significance. I’m glad to have exposed their methods.
This is fascinating...
Quick update. Last year, I had bizarre experience of being targeted by Russian state propaganda & sundry conspiracy theorists with absurd & totally false claim that I was head of (seriously) a covert MSM Wikipedia editing ring. I wrote about it here.
I’ve had similar experience of being targeted with totally false & fanciful claims by & .
1/n For record: I wrote last week of a conspiracy theory about me expounded by pro-Assad & pro-Putin activists, & promoted by Russian state propaganda organs. My thanks to for enabling me to expose these preposterous & totally false claims.
I gave the background to this nonsense here, predicting with certainty that Galloway would never produce his evidence because it doesn’t exist. I know this, as I’m the subject of the conspiracy theory. That’s Galloway for you.
I cited in this piece for , on a trivial issue but where I knew the facts because it related to me, Hayward’s outstanding gullibility when it comes to imagined conspiracies. I hope Edinburgh will not brush aside the issues raised by .