MAYDAY: Secret Whitehall contingency plans reveal Britain would start to run out of clean drinking water within days of a No Deal Brexit, as “just in time” purifying chemicals cannot be stockpiled
I notice you didn't include a link, because it would confirm *literally nobody* is saying we'll run out of water. Cabinet members (brexiters) have said we could run out of chemicals to treat water. But you know this, you were just creating a straw man.
This is where we’re at: “Friends of the Vote Leave champion said that, as one of the architects of Brexit, he does not want the legacy of the referendum campaign to be death and chaos.” via
Also in MoS today is this gem of a story by about why Gove has come out so hard against no deal. Apparently Brits won't have to worry about running out of Mars Bars within two weeks, because we'll run out of drinking water within a few days.
Including this ... the reason Michael Gove got behind PM’s Brexit agreement: drinking water would run out if UK left EU without a deal
Going out on a limb: Experts had enough of Gove and convinced him that these chemicals can't be stockpiled even though they can.