Donate to tomorrow on #GivingTuesday to advocate for the development and wellbeing of young scientists. Let's put the focus back on training and mentoring #FoRMentors
Awesome initiative!! alerted me to this group, dedicated to ACTUALLY ADDRESSING the toxic training systems in academia. #phdchat Their GoFundMe just launched ⬇️⬇️⬇️
I donated because I not only care about mentoring, there's clear data that shows bad mentoring puts our mental health at risk, while good mentoring leads to better scientists and better science...
No surprise that Angela DePace has made a generous donation to the fundraising drive to support mentoring in science programming. She is a mentor extraordinaire! You can make a difference too! Join us!
Check it out! I donated to 'Let's put #mentoring at the heart of #academia' - via
This! This is why #FORmentors matters! Still time to get those matched donation in to . Graduate school can have terrible effects on people's mental health - The Atlantic .
We're $595 short of our latest $1000 matching goal - please share with those who you think are interested in seeing us working on making mentoring a central part of academia! #FoRmentors #GivingTuesday
AS of this moment there have been $260 worth of donations to #FoRmentors #GivingTuesday - we are over halfway to meeting our first matching donations goal of $500! Can you help us get there?
It’s #GivingTuesday! We want to put mentoring at the heart of #academia, to ensure current and future generations of researchers succeed. Our #FoRMentors #GivingTuesday goal is $25k for a Summit in Chicago, June 2019. Can you help us? See our GoFundMe at:
Thank you so much to Pamela Silver for your support of ! Please continue supporting us in the #FoRmentors campaign here:
Society needs our science stars to shine! #FORmentors not TORmentors. Please share, give, advocate or volunteer for #GivingTuesday
We are only $95 away from reaching our next #GivingTuesday #FoRmentors matching milestone of $1000, which will effectively double everyone's donation! We're currently on $3,150 - with $95 more we would actually be on $4,250! Please donate here:
Please support as we work to center mentoring in academia! #FoRMentors
As a personal thank you to all current (and future...) #FoRmentors #FoRheroes, I am cross-stitching tote bags (see my prototype below) to send to each of them. And I'd be thrilled to make more for anyone who helps us in the same way in 2018! 2/2