A GoFundMe page has also been set up to help Jamal, the Syrian boy in the video, which has just been verified to me by their comms rep .
I am raising money for Jamal from Huddersfield. Bullied at school. Click to Donate: via
If we all give a little here, #JamalFromHuddersfield will be able to go to university and not have any debt. He'll be running a big company and he can employ his bully to be the car park attendant
This is beautiful. That Syrian boy who was bullied (as seen in viral video) now has a GoFundMe for him... with >£70,000 already. Let’s help sort his family out. When others bully them, we take care of them. 🙏
Remarkable: the fundraiser in support Jamal, the Syrian teen assaulted and bullied, has raised over £42,000. A wonderful way to show solidarity against racism. #No2h8 #WeStandTogether
This is when I love social media - there is finally action. My darling Maryam - here is the gofundme.
Please help this young man Jamal. He needs support from around the world & much, much love.❤️❤️ #Jamal #Huddersfield
Here is a fund to help Jamal and his family.