That detective died in May. #PerversionofJustice Part 2
ICYMI: should someone like this get bail? Epstein intimidation tactics detailed here | Miami Herald
Don't only be mad at Acosta. Be mad at the Palm Beach state's attorney who wound up letting Epstein off with a single misdemeanor charge.
Just when you think it can’t get more despicable - #Trump Labor Secry #Acosta gave a sweetheart plea deal to a sexual predator & protected co-conspirators who sexually abused under-aged girls: Prosecutors worked to cut sex abuser #JeffreyEpstein a break”
A hedge fund manager, neighbor of Trump. Cops detail extensive statutory rapes. Alan Dershowitz discredits the victims. Ken Starr tells the Justice Department to lay off. The current Secretary of Labor gets the case sealed. Unbelievable, from The Herald.
Except Coulter is right. The local cops were furious with the local prosecutor's lenient treatment and referred it to the FBI. It's in the Miami Herald piece
Here's the Miami Herald investigation that shows how Labor Sec Alexander Acosta appears to have gone soft on financier Jeffrey Epstein, accused rapist and sex trafficker, when Acosta was US attorney.
Jeffrey Epstein was a horrific monster. The people who aided, abetted, and covered for him are also monsters. Death in prison was too good for such an evil man h/t for reposting this article.