This piece does a great job showing why far-right celebs are so obsessed with demanding debate from actual researchers, writers, and politicians. Instead of building sound arguments, they can create (extremely lucrative) theater.
The author makes some of the same points Jeremy Fantl does in his book ‘The Limitations of the Open Mind’; both this piece and Jeremy’s book are worth the read. (Link to Jeremy’s book in next tweet, short thread)
our hard on for debate is how “Ben Shapiro has a reputation as an intellectual warrior when his arguments mostly consist of saying incorrect things very fast”
I agree, debate is stupid. It's not a way of finding out truth, because so often debate is between one or more liars. It's polarizing. It's a waste of time. Let's put to rest this notion that "debate" solves anything, and look at some science - a thread.
"Watching a debate can make you actively worse at understanding the nuances of a topic"
Related to lrt:  "Watching a debate can make you actively worse at understanding the nuances of a topic. If you want to really know about a subject, here’s my advice: read widely and extensively (and not just the books your favorite YouTuber recommends)."
A pretty convincing argument to illustrate that debating someone with integrity is profoundly useful, while debating to a crowd against someone who appeals to base instincts and speaks too quickly for facts to be checked is profoundly not
The aim of debate is not to provide a detailed, cogent, well-sourced answer to the question at hand. The aim of debate is to be the most convincing, not the smartest, and anyone who’s good at debating knows this.
Strongly endorse this piece from . Debate is not a way to find the truth or to educate anyone. It is theater -- you "win" with flamboyant performance. That's exactly why righties like Shapiro & D'souza like it.
Staged debates are a stupid idea – "Watching a debate can make you actively worse at understanding the nuances of a topic": This argument won me over