Most scholars build & maintain personal collections, often poorly managed & rarely well preserved. How can we better support scholars as collectors -- and the collections that they are building? My colleagues & have some answers.
How can we support scholars as collectors? and I are sharing recent research on workflows at #cni19s
Currently reading a super paper by & which reframes researchers as collectors and how research supports needs to help facilitate that activity.
1/8 How can we support scholars' increasingly complex collecting habits? I'm presenting shortly & sharing here for those who are following along from afar, the full report co-authored with here: #liber2019
“In an era where it is fashionable to talk about the power and promise of ‘big data,’ much scholarship is still ‘tiny data,’ gathered by hand, and involves touching and noticing small details”
This resonates with the archival historian side of my brain. Managing personal digital (+ physical) copies of archival material, maintaining descriptive + procedural metadata is a significant undertaking that shapes other aspects of research. via
What I think I'm going to do on the train all day (from ), what I will actually do
New from Scholars ARE Collectors: A Proposal for Re-thinking Research Support
Scholars ARE Collectors: A Proposal for Re-thinking Research Support, by Danielle Cooper (), Oya Y. Rieger /