Very sobering assessment from . Astonishing that is heading into this storm without an Attorney General of impeccable credentials nominated and a new White House Counsel in place and his office fully staffed.
Cohen's plea casts Trump's campaign praise for Putin in a different light. He's praising the man he's trying to make a deal with. And his words had an impact
We should now ask, did Trump play any role in feeding Cohen's false information to Congress?
Read , who is bang-on about what today's Cohen plea indicates, and how utterly unacceptable it is.
NRO: : “Time and again he called Putin a “leader” or a “strong leader.” Time and again he promised that America would have a “great” relationship with Russia... Trump made those comments at the exact time when his team was allegedly trying...
Here are the two smart pieces: 1. by conservative "Trump’s Unacceptable Campaign Conduct ..." 2. by progressive "Trump talked up Russia during now-revealed secret Moscow project talks"
excellent breakdown here from , much needed amidst the blizzard of plea deals and shady dealings - Takeaways from Cohen's Guilty Plea
⁦.⁩ David French with a bracing piece about the implications of the Michael Cohen plea.
"Remember Trump’s compliments of Putin and his constant assurances that he and Putin would get along?... Trump made those comments at the exact time when his team was allegedly trying to secure a business deal that could have netted Trump millions of $."
“Trump’s actions represented an extraordinary conflict of interest. Americans were listening to Trump’s praise of Putin without realizing his profit motive. That’s intolerable.”
"Many of Trump’s defenders have concluded that he’s done nothing wrong and that the special counsel’s office is engaged in a 'witch hunt' well before the facts are out and well before necessary credibility assessments have been made."