People perceive harm to men as more fair & blamed men more for their own suffering.They feel more moral outrage & more sympathy when women were harmed- people saw women’s suffering as more of aserious problem facing society- great interview w/
Study: Harm to women evokes more concern and more outrage than equivalent harm to men. An interview with lead researcher, Tania Reynolds () HT
"There is true suffering going on with men... based on these findings, I would suggest that it’s harder for us to evoke the same concern or sympathy or moral response when we hear those stats or learn about that suffering."
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The evidence to the contrary starts with this study by Tania Reynolds ( ) et al (Listen to this podcast to hear about the study: ) 5/n
Reynolds et al found that people were more willing to blame men for if they were in a bad situation. However, this was just in general, and not necessarily crime victimization. Download the transcript and search for "blame."
The research suggests that a man assaulting an employee would be perceived as quite a negative action. The gender framing is at odds with the science of human psych