The masterful obituary of George H.W. Bush by the inestimable ⁦
The obituary for revives a 1992 media campaign smear that has been long debunked as Fake News. Shameful. 👉 👉
Funny to see the NY Times use the picture of George Bush with the supermarket check out scanner. Student of journalism will recall the NY Times's reporter and future editorial page editor made up the story about Bush being amazed.
You will notice in this how the little media set-pieces we remember about Bush (supermarket scanner, splash of coffee) are presented as events that sort of... happened to him, instead of group think fictions the press made happen.
We tend to judge leaders by what they do. Which is unfair to those like George H.W. Bush, whose key contribution was avoiding costly mistakes. Not having a confrontation with a collapsing USSR, not going into Baghdad, not stopping Germany's reunification.
President George H.W. Bush leaves behind an extraordinary legacy of service and lifelong dedication to our country that he loved. I’m saddened to hear of his passing. My thoughts are with his loved ones.
George H. W. Bush wrote enough thank-you notes, courtesy cards and letters of sympathy — Mr. Bush seemed to know someone in every town in America — to fill a book, literally. It was called “All the Best.”
EPIC obit of George H.W. Bush, by ⁦
Very sad to hear about the death of President Bush, among other things a huge advocate for ⁦ and cancer research and care in general. RIP. ⁩ George Bush, 41st President, Dies at 94 via #cancer
George Bush, 41st President, Dies at 94 via
Describing himself as “steady and prudent and able”, President Bush embodied values of unflashy, selfless public service that rebuilt the post-Cold War world and are in short supply today
A beautiful obituary by ⁦⁩ of HW Bush
George Bush, 41st President, Dies at 94
There will be many important, moving remembrances of the 41st president today. There will be few if any more gracefully and sweepingly done than 's obituary of him for . Please read >>>
War hero. Patriot. Intelligent leader who helped lead the peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Union. RIP, sir. They don’t make many like you anymore. 🇺🇸 George Bush, 41st President, Dies at 94 - The New York Times
I'm so nostalgic for a president with integrity, even if I disagree with him. George Bush, 41st President, Dies at 94
George Bush, 41st President, Dies at 94 via
This obit is an interesting meditation on leadership: George Bush, 41st President, Dies at 94 via
RIP, you great man of duty. “Mr. Bush and his sons did not attend the Republican National Convention that nominated Donald J. Trump as its presidential candidate in 2016, and he pointedly did not endorse Mr. Trump in his race against Hillary Clinton.”
Don't @ me with your hagiography. Death does not make saints of wrongdoers, nor does it absolve unforgivable trespasses.