CAL FIRE Law Enforcement has determined the El Dorado Fire, burning near Oak Glen in San Bernardino County, was caused by a smoke generating pyrotechnic device, used during a gender reveal party. The fire began at…
Announcement: the podcast is moving to spotify! Starting on September 1 the podcast will be available on Spotify as well as all platforms, and then at the end of the year it will move exclusively to Spotify,…
It gets better: Kolfage used boat he bought with illegally-siphoned "We Build the Wall" funds to sail in the July 4 Trump boat parade in Destin, Florida (spotted by )
Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce used “Colin Kaepernick stand-in" for K-9 demonstration at fundraiser last year #BecauseFlorida
To Through my ongoing conversations with friends, teammates, and leaders in the black community, I realize this is not an issue about the American flag. It has never been. We can no longer use the…
Kora the caracal kitten has perfected her ear flick. via wildcatcentre/IG
I would like to apologize to my friends, teammates, the City of New Orleans, the black community, NFL community and anyone I hurt with my comments yesterday. In speaking with some of you, it breaks my heart to know…
Compassion, empathy and love. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 Link to full video:
A very intense and intriguing debate with the controversial about today’s holiday. Why does Christopher Columbus have a holiday again??? #RichardSpencer #CannonsClass
Can you imagine if a President bizarrely claimed a highly contagious virus would “just disappear” like 30 times over 6 months and then the virus DIDN’T just disappear? Nobody in their right mind would vote to re-elect that level of incompetence.
Burp! When a single-celled organism eats another single-celled organism
In a very powerful Instagram post, Ian Desmond explains why he's opting out of the 2020 season.
BikeCo, Fuji's North American distributor, has made a full statement. Available here:
Sarah Grossman died fighting for Black livess. "She possibly passed away from respiratory issues due to being on the front line exposed to tear gas while protesting."
VOTE TO LIVE 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #WearAMask 🤍🙏🏻🌿
Holy fuck! These Instagram post's from Chelsea Handler are real.
Humans of AI: Virtual beings dreamed up by and their stories by GPT3. Dm's are open if you want to contribute to this collection of fictional humans with ever familiar stories as a collaborative art project. Thread 0/9.
Watch as someone who looks a lot like Trump-loving evangelical author and radio host Eric Metaxas sucker punches an anti-Trump protester following Trump's RNC speech last night.
This whole situation has left me really sad and empty. I checked on the lines person and the tournament told me that thank God she is feeling ok. I‘m extremely sorry to have caused her such stress. So unintended. So…
And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. 🔊 📹:
My name is Sarafina El-Badry Nance. This is the first time I’ve said my full name in public. Ever.⁣ ⁣ I talk about disavowing my Arabic heritage for most of my life post-9/11, too scared and too embarrassed to embrace my identity and heritage here:
"Trump is going to fuck you. You fuckers need to leave. Fucking Asian piece of shit." Carmel Valley, California. The guy's name is apparently Michael Lofthouse. Sorry he ruined your tita's birthday. Source:
#BlackBotanistsWeek is coming!! Love plants? Like plants? Grow plants? Study plants? Aspire to any of these? Join us please & share broadly. theblackbotanists blackgirlswithgardens…
Contrast between departments that have had de-escalation training and places where it's not institutionalized is striking. Here's the Santa Cruz Police chief kneeling with peaceful protesters.
I had a fantastic conversation with the great and powerful Bret Weinstein, host of the Dark Horse Podcast livestream with his brilliant wife Heather Heying. He and his wife are both biologists and their…
Have a feeling the Shitty Racists in Media purge is just getting started
As long as a dead tree is more valuable to us than a living tree and as long as the destruction of nature is worth more than nature itself we won’t be able to solve the climate and ecological emergency. #rewild #EcologicalBreakdown ->
In times of trouble and discouragement, I normally seek comfort under the foliage of trees, both real and imagined ones... Trees by Cuban painter Tomás Sánchez (born 1948)—a few more here:
If you haven’t seen it yet, drop everything and watch Dave Chappelle’s 8:46 on youtube. It’s fucking brilliant. When the documentary of this insane time we’re going through gets made this should absolutely be a…
I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has expressed support about my tweets. I know the bots & trolls can be scary but the truth requires direct sunlight. I regret nothing. (Well, maybe I was a little harsh…
“Hi, it’s . I miss you!” Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny emerges from coma and posts his first Instagram, featuring his wife and kids. He says he is finally able to breathe completely on his own. “I highly recommend it,” he adds.
Okay I'm not gonna lie I need to get my IG to 10k so I can use the special links feature so I can promote my science music album 🥴🥴🥴🥴 this is gross but can we try to do this for my birthday this week? It's free
I thoroughly enjoyed my talk with the great and powerful Douglas Murray, author of the excellent “The Madness of Crowds,” an excellent take on the lunacy infecting much of the world today. Enjoy!
Mathematics, physics, witchcraft, and the structure of ultimate reality. (Ordinary ropes are used.) Source:
The brilliant Christine Chen transformed the recent editorial into a series of powerful illustrations. Christine is my former global health student and now a med student. Please share these, follow her , and check out her IG:
Hello Twitter! I am an artist and future #pathology resident. I started painting #histology and pathology watercolors back in February. I just found out about the big community here and wanted to share my paintings with you! 😊 More Paintings here:
If this riot was a result of what happened in LA this would be insane. That it’s because of a horrific act almost 2000 miles away shows us just how fucking haywire the country is right now.
Bezos is opening up a network of free preschools. First one in Washington State.
A hilarious ride in the Texas podcast spaceship with one of my favorite people to talk to, the brilliant and hilarious ! Now available on and everywhere else. Enjoy!
📢 GIVEAWAY! #Unveiled by is her gripping memoir of surviving abuse and leaving Islam - and her Al-Qaeda operative husband. It's also a humbling call to examine the ways liberalism can unintentionally harm. #ExMuslim #FreeFromHijab Enter:
This post garnered thousands of likes. I cannot wrap my mind around the impulse to fight for a world in which you are viewed as fundamentally incapable of meeting the standards that others routinely meet.
I'm absolutely pleased to announce that I'll be a Teaching Fellow in Logic and Metaphysics at , which is known for its excellent metaphysics community, from September 1st. I worked my ass during this…
Tonight, at a restaurant in Downtown Dallas, BLM protesters (most of whom were white) came and disrupted an otherwise peaceful evening and escalated it to violence. I've seen it now with my own eyes. These people are animals. BLM is cancer.
Giant Sequoias with human for scale. via everchanginghorizon/IG
Really beautiful footage of the protest in Los Angeles yesterday by His IG:
This week, Mars & Earth are as close to each other as we’ve seen in 20 years. Have a look — with its tipped axis and a cute little icecap. And, I double-checked, no canals. Thanks to my Princeton colleague Bob Vanderbei for sharing his stunning photo.
🚨If you care about voting rights over the next 17 days (and after), you should be following . 📸If you prefer pictures, they are on instagram too: 🗳️Please share with everyone who cares that all lawful ballots are counted.
Wow - Banksy hits the Tube. “If you don’t mask you don’t get”
Just because we couldn't go on holiday, doesn't mean no one had a good summer 🔊 📹:
Listen up! I’d be very psyched to break 200K views on my live performance of Isolation so please RT this and come check it out!
The persistence of light in Félix Vallotton's landscapes (1865–1925)—more here
FREE EDWARD SNOWDEN New episode now available on and everywhere else.
You can take a look at the pictures I took during the riots in Kenosha last week on my Instagram: Here are some examples.
Thank you, and surprise guest, for joining me on #COVIDConversations tonight. For all of you who missed it, catch the replay here -
Video Appeal to the Global Artistic Community by our Managing Directors #SvetlanaSugako and #NadezhdaBrodskaya highlighting their experience of jails in #Belarus. #StandWithBelarus For full video:
All That Jazz (from 'Chicago' Broadway 1996) 🔊 📹:
“Being a Black scientist is having predominantly white colleagues but hardly ever forming real friendships beyond the lab, because aside from science we can’t be sure of your moral compass... unless you speak up.” Full post on my IG
And this is why I need you to read my most recent post on IG. What happens when the hype is over? We are pretty much back where we were in 2014. We can’t go back to “normal”. Normal is what has endangered the lives and wellbeing of so many Black people
Just posted a video
7️⃣3️⃣ Grand Rapids, MI: man yells at police from a distance, a police officer walks up and pepper sprays him... ...then another officer shoots him directly in the face with a teargas canister [IG at ]
The ratification of the 19th Amendment was both an enormous victory & an incomplete one. 100 years on, I’m thinking of my mom, who was born the day of its passage in Congress. If she were still with us, she’d urge us to keep going—“lifting as we climb.”
I interviewed Tony Fauci yesterday for 45 mins. We geeked-out about how #COVID19 is transmitted, but also how Trump is no longer getting the best advice. If you’ve got the attention span it’s a very different conversation than ones he usually has.
Holy s—- Alameda Twitter! There’s an A++ all-teen and pre-teen East Bay metal band playing at Grand and Eagle. Come watch before APD tries to shut it down. 🔥🤘🔥🤘🔥 They’re on Insta.
I was so struck by Sarah Palin’s “welcome to the club” insta post to Kamala Harris. It was gracious & earnest. Whatever your thoughts on Palin, the process took a well respected gov & sort of destroyed her life. Not a fine moment for presidential politics.
Wildlife photographer Andy Howard captured this underwater view of an osprey catching a fish [full video and more by the author, IG : ]
It’s that time of year again! Mentor and Mentee applications will be live on Friday. Make sure to apply early and tell any friends that may be interested about our program ✨
Newborn kicks and wriggles around while still inside the amniotic sac (after a C-section)
Stephen Downes (), professor of philosophy, has a new book called Models and Modeling in the Sciences: A Philosophical Introduction. Head to our Instagram to learn more: #UofU #UofUHumanities #PhilosophyofScience
Follow me on instagram for daily chats about me and my life as a data professional!
And we're back! The first episode following our summer break looks at the Haitian anthropologist Anténor Firmin and his critique of racist pseudo science.
I'm doing an IG Live at 1pm PT/4 pm ET today with Dr. Christin Gilmer, a global health scientist, formerly of the WHO. We'll talk about the WHO presser and asymptomatic transmission, the two retracted science articles, and the spike in cases
Cover for new issue on "Bodies", published later this week. Image by Megan Diddie (). Contributions from Drew Leder, Havi Carel, , , , , , , and more. Full details shortly!
Just discovered 's work and I am awestruck caption on the second one is "always play with your food" 3rd: "nature meets my scissors" something poetic, bold, sharp and soft about her use of lines and space
The Union is pleased to announce that this year’s virtual World Conference on Lung Health will be free-of-charge for survivors of TB and other lung diseases, including COVID-19. Follow the link in our bio to…
Here’s the data: African Americans are 14% of the U.S. population, but get less than 1% of venture capital. Women are 50% but get less than 10%. Entrepreneurs in 3 states get 75% of VC; the other 47 states fight…
Made my own laparoscopic surgery trainer with supplies from the local hardware store and a phone camera #engineeringinmedicine @ Miami, Florida
Me: *creates video on YouTube being vulnerable about my anxiety in the hopes of helping people* YouTube atheists:
While advocacy orgs have issued useful voting guides, I couldn't find one that adequately addressed some of the trickier issues we are facing this election season. So I got together with some talented friends & we made one of our own, State of the Vote!
⁩ has begun to seize our assets. $259,390.18 in fines for opening our business and not requiring masks. 15k per day ongoing. Please share ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁦
I’ve worked murder case. I’ve worked police excessive force cases. I have only one question: why have these officers not been arrested? Justice for George Floyd. RIGHT. NOW.
I’m almost 6 months pregnant and had to rip a new WAP. Watch here: Goodnight fam. #TRUMP2020 all day, every day.
How was your golf game today, ? I really hope nothing distracted you.
For July 4, asked 5 descendants of Frederick Douglass to read and respond to his famous speech, "What To The Slave Is The Fourth of July?" which asks all of us to consider America’s long history of denying equal rights to Black Americans. Full video:
Content warning: police brutality Video shows cops today at a peaceful protest in East Meadow, NY (Long Island) violently arresting a man. According to bystanders “they kneeled on his neck and had about 6 officers holding him down.”
Давайте расскажу, как идёт восстановление
I'm so sad to hear of the death of Diana Rigg. She undoubtedly raised my acting game when we made On Her Majesty's Secret Service together in 1968-9. I remember the press conference at the Dorchester in London, knowing she was going to play my wife. We ...
After beating cancer once-my Dad sadly lost his long battle yesterday. Fortunately, the family & I got to say goodbye a few days ago. It went very fast which actually was a blessing. 🙏 #RIP Dad.
nypd cops purposely coughing on people in the bronx last night in the middle of a pandemic
The largest animal ever to have lived, the majestic blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus). 🐳 via dolphindronedom/IG
In a video posted to Instagram, a black man attacked an unsuspecting white man with a brick. I bring up their skin colors because it was posted with a hashtag that reads "WhiteLivesDoNotMatter."
A dramatic fight in Kensington Market was all caught on camera - 📹 skatenbacon #Toronto #KensingtonMarket
Sen Ernst & I just voted to advance to Judge Barrett’s final vote which will take place Monday. The senate will stay in overnight to use the 30 hrs required so we can approve her nomination. @ United States Capitol
I can’t express how moved I am by George and Laura Bush’s clarity and decency in this letter.
Please look at this groundhog extremely enjoying this cat bath. When the cat stops for a second and the groundhog is like "Hey. Pay attention." ( via )
When you’re joking but not really. When comedy and the truth meet up...
On the geometry of a Möbius strip a right pointing arrow points left after one trip around, a second trip restores the original orientation. This mathematical property is called non-orientability [source: ] [more: ]
Facebook was blocking my live so I put it up on Instagram. Dear black America— @50cent didn’t betray you, the school system did.
Marilyn Mugot is one of my favourite nocturnal explorers of urban space in contemporary photography—a few more here
I refuse to be shamed for my color-coordinated books! I live in a small apartment and it looks nice! I have 2 shelves I don't need the goddam dewey decimal system! Take your snobbery elsewhere!!!!!!
Watch this today at 4 pm PST ! For the very first time, I’ll be LIVE while screening ROCKY , Sharing my behind-the-scenes stories on the MGM Facebook page
1️⃣0️⃣5️⃣ Los Angeles, CA: LAPD sharing a jovial chuckle with a white woman as she spraypaints a building to make it look like it was done by protestors. You can even hear police suggest she write "Floyd" too [Original on IG @ ]
This #PronounsDay, our LGBT Staff Network’s trans and non-binary lead, , shares the significance of pronouns and why it’s so important they’re visible in the NHS — both for our patients and our colleagues. 🏳️‍⚧️
The Incline Gravity Clock has no batteries or mainspring but it's powered by gravity. As the clock rolls down the incline, gravitational potential energy is translated into the kinetic energy of the moving clock gear train and oscillating balance wheel
The face of CPR doll "Resuscitation Annie" is based off a death mask of a woman who drowned in Paris in the 1880s. L'Inconnue de la Seine (The Unknown Woman of the Seine) teaches us how to save lives every day. Learn more about her story on my IG page:
The architectural fantasies of Russian architect and futurologist Artur Skizhali-Veys (born 1963)—a few more here
Very sad news to wake up to on this cloudy morning. Our legendary Georgetown coach, John Thompson has passed away. He was my mentor, great teacher, hero and a father figure to so many us who got the chance to play…
WEAR A MASK, BELLE! Noah Lindquist crafted this hilarious “Be Our Guest” parody. You can find him on Instagram here:
Dear twitter Hello 👋🏽 👋🏿👋🏾👋🏼👋 #womenofcolourcycling group are here!!! Give us a follow show your support! Please follow us on Instagram RT please
The world-building art of Manga Artist Tsutomu Nihei—a few more here
At 94-years-old, the legendary David Attenborough has joined Instagram and in less than a few hours he has amassed close to a million followers Sir David is partly responsible for my passion for wildlife advocacy so this is an exciting development!
This is awful. An Instagram account to locate people missing after the Beirut explosion. One was a firefighter who went to the scene. One a port worker. Think of the frenzy their families must be in. I count nearly 90 photos
6️⃣8️⃣4️⃣ Columbus, OH: police drag a peaceful and unarmed woman into the street, while another picks up the person who had been sitting next to her and bodyslams them to the asphalt The cops are still rioting 29 June 2020 [ / IG: ]
BREAKING: the Kumeyaay have blockaded access to the #BorderWall construction site near Boulevard, CA to stop Border Patrol's explosives crews from blowing up an ancestral burial site. They're putting out the call for help. Details here:
To protect our mental health during the #COVID19 pandemic: • Develop a routine • Limit news consumption • Keep in touch with friends • Eat healthy & exercise • Seek support from friends, family, health care providers #AskReuters
Concrete is doubtlessly the signature material of the Anthropocene... Future remains by Nate Rudichuk—a few more here
Doug Mills of The New York Times, ladies and gentleman. Trump deplanes at Joint Base Andrews this evening after his rally in New Hampshire.
We’re up and running on spotify!
RISE UP, L.A: Thanks to all of you, Mayor Garcetti just announced a moratorium (or ending) new entries onto the racist "Gang" Databases in L.A. City- one of our big demands!!! What a beautiful day! 🌞🔥❤ What next??…
For all my LIS peeps: A few weeks ago I created the Black Excellence in LIS Syllabus and opened it up for anyone to contribute to ⚡️Since then the document has grown from 25 to 215 entries and been viewed over 1000 times🔥 If there are no Black author…
Here’s my cover of Isolation to celebrate dad’s 80th bday! This song is like a documentary about 2020! Let’s bring Truth back in style! #gimmesometruth
I just started “Irresistible” by Adam Alter and it’s a sobering read. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 40% of us are addicted to our phones or doing things on the internet. I’m honestly thinking that’s a…
Sheesh. Oakland city officials said Pro Arts was violating its lease by powering a refrigerator full of free food to support the #TownFridge mutual-aid project, effectively threatening eviction. Other fridges: 59th & Marshall, 16th & West, 30th & Linden.
#drawingwhileblack #blackgirlmagic Hi! I’m Talia, a black artist in Baltimore. I’m new to twitter but I love drawing portraits and character! Instagram:
Check out this gorgeous baby wombat climbing all over mum's back whilst she has a little drink of water on Maria Island 🐻🥰 video:
Butterflies and moths aren't the only insects that spin cocoons. Some chrysomelidae leaf beetles do the same, but instead of a silky and fabric-like substance they use a process with a foamy secretion which vaguely resemble a 3D printing process [source: ]
Servicemen in Belarus are tossing their uniforms in trash cans & renouncing service to Lukashenko. “I swore an oath to my nation,” this man says. “But seeing what’s happening in Minsk I can no longer where this uniform.”
Happy birthday . I know the last year has been the most difficult year of your life. I also know that you’re going to take the next year by storm. The future is full of opportunity and hope and I’m…
Behold! Turkey Dinner candy corn. Yes, this is real. just found them at Walgreens, so naturally I called my nearest store. They had them in the back! Flavors include: Green Beans, Roasted Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Ginger Glazed Carrot, Sweet…
Architect Ronald Rael has launched an Instagram account documenting center-pivot irrigation landscapes around the world—what he calls “dots of life when seen from space.” Some beautiful and surreal examples, like graphic design crossed with terraforming.
A gorgeous little squid. ❤️🦑! Photo credit: Neal Hoogenboom
Why is allowing PHXPigWatch to use their platform to target the Phoenix police?
Glad to see Stephen Jackson thinks it's important to defend DeSean Jackson's desire to post Hitler's thoughts on Jews. "He speaking the truth of the facts that he know, and trying to educate others."
Wow Thank AJ and CNN for giving us the platform to share our story and let everyone know Black people also find joy in nature and Nature is for everyone and should be used by everyone #blackinnature #blackbirdersweek… 📸 via
My god this is so scary
Ryan Pernofski makes awesome videos of waves in the ocean: this one reveals the amazing dynamics of the sea [source and other videos: ]
NFL owners are racist. Just the facts. U speak on anything involving Jews or Whites is hate. That say shit about us it’s kool. Fuk dat. I wouldnt apologize for shit. I love every race and can’t nobody say or tell me…
This is where Leonardo of Pisa, a scion of the Bonacci family—hence “filius Bonacci”, or just “Fibonacci” for short—in 1202, introduced the Hindu–Arabic numeral system to Europe [image: ]
This is 98. #breakfastthoughts
Don’t Mind me , just Getting ready for this CashLess Society! I’m a start Having my Promoters Pay me in Bitcoin & the Major Labels Pay me in Bitcoin to! Rather Have it and Not Need em , then Need em and Aint Got em! 🚊
#ClimateChange was front & center at last night's #VPDebate but did you get all the facts? Today, 3pm et, I talk with #climate scientist about our ongoing role in fighting climate change. #JoinTheCountdown here ➡️ #InstagramLive
I believe that on our path, all we are asked to do is the next good right honest thing. It can all feel so big, complicated, overwrought. And yes, I have sweeping visions - justice. Equality. Peace. Stability.…
I had an immensely enjoyable mind-meld with my brilliant Russian brother, the great and powerful ! Enjoy!
visual proof that the exterior angles of a polygon add up to 360 degrees. So satisfying. By
The next phase of #DumpTheScales launches right here! Read more and please spread the message far and wide 📝 #letstalkEDs #LetsTalk
Early registration for The Wildlife Society's first ever virtual conference will close on August 15. Visit for details.
No big deal; just a goose playing with a puppy... 😲  
Can you guess what's on the cover? [no googling!] Check out my #instagram book giveaway for PHALLACY: Life Lessons from the Animal Penis and give me a follow.
From today’s protest in Karachi against #motorwayincident. This is an Urdu rendition by of a Chilean anti-rape anthem. More photos here
The Bailong Elevator #百龙 is with 326m the highest and heaviest outdoor elevator in the world. Would you take a ride? 🚡⛰
How to be deadly (in blackfella way), but not deadly (in whitefella way). #COVID19Vic #WearAMask 😷 Warlukurlangu Artists via Alperstein Designs
Flipping the Senate and winning in Michigan is going to take all of us. Grateful to have my friend in this fight. We'll be chatting about what’s at stake in this election and the importance of winning here in Michigan. Tune in here at 5:30:
⁩ Will There ever be Justice For #EmmettTill ? Asking FBI investigator on the Till case what is Justice to black snd brown people to the
How sad is this for America. No name needed. Everyone knows. Everyone. Knows.
Jeff Bezos on Instagram: “I got this email from a customer and wanted to share my response.”
Worth watching this interview of Fauci by . Last 5 minutes tell you what is going on in a pretty candid way.
Comet NEOWISE and the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada 🍁! I was up really early for this shot. It's not often that we get the opportunity to see or photograph a comet of this brightness and with a tail. I hope you like it!🤩
#ASCO20 visual learners, I organized my summary graphics of the Virtual Education program in my Instagram for later access: #MedEd
Summaries of #ASCO20 educational sessions organized by day + summary of my IG live about networking in #some during a virtual meeting
Here I plead with black reporters and writers to share the stories of #blackwomen with #longcovid. I also ask these women to come forward with their stories.
Has made a statement about the family they booted off a flight because a two year old wasn’t wearing a mask? I have a flight booked in October with you, and a child too young for a mask. If this is your policy, please cancel my reservation.
Beyond Bravery Women of 9|11 Act 6 Complete Act 6 here:
How many #dutch #bikers does it take to transport a 4 meter (16’) wooden beam? Bringing stuff home from the #DIY store, the #dutch way. Spotted in #Haarlem, the #Netherlands.
Tomorrow (8/19) at 12:30 Eastern I'll be chatting live with about pandemic learning pods, the problems they solve, and their consequences for equity in schools. You can join us here
Join us tomorrow (Weds, July 1) for an interview with Y Combinator's founder at 8:30am PT. You'll hear what YC was like in its early days and what she learned as it grew: .
Thank you to all the researchers in #mentalhealth striving to improve the outcomes for ppl living with complex illness .
ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing our brand new and official Instagram account please follow to get a more in depth look into the magazine, its process, use of imagery and some of our contributing writers. See you there!
This spring, students in & Dr. Garcia’s Energy, Environment & Society class at & participated in a classroom #CarbonReductionChallenge! Learn more about how their work is saving MILLIONS of pounds of carbon yearly:
Our first online workshop with Dr Robert L Leahy is on 29th October - find out more and register on our website
By using their data to spotlight Black-owned beauty brands and #SupportBlackBusiness, (initialized 2018) has identified 10 brands that have witnessed incredible growth over the last few weeks. Discover the full list of brands:
if i wish you well in an email, please know that this lovely poem by is what i *really* wish for you (their original post on IG: )
Learn more about the lab at and follow us on Instagram at
hello everyone!! happy to say that the University of Aberdeen Psychiatry Society is finally on Twitter! 🥳formerly , you can also find us on Instagram () and Facebook () ✨🧠🌟 #choosepsychiatry #psychsoc
. and just finished their run-down of the DNC and their look ahead to the RNC. Check out the video here if you missed it! Be sure to check our IG story every night this week for John's analysis of the RNC!
I really needed this book. It nourished my soul in a way that no book had since “No Man Is An Island” by Thomas Merton. Thank you Rabbi David Wolpe
I had my students create psychology memes and they are SO GOOD. Follow along at
Meet Kate Korty, PGY-4. Kate grew up in Austin, Texas and graduated from Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. Kate will be returning home to Texas for a dermatopathology fellowship at Baylor Scott & White #meettheresidents #pathmatch21 #ccfpathres
1 month to go until single release for “reach out”, exciting with a touch of anxiety!
This morning JAX’s CLIA lab reported our 100,000 COVID-19 test! . The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, located in Farmington, Connecticut, is partnering with the Connecticut Department of Health, as well as hospitals and health care facilities in…
Today’s episode of our IGTV series “I’m Speaking” is with the one and only ⁦⁩ who is hosting an event with us tonight. Check this out and sign up to join us!
"FUTURE TEXTS: Imagining Utopia in a Time of Crisis and Change" 4:00 pm Monday: Artists , Stacy Lynn Waddell, Chitra Ganesh, & Cauleen Smith () with Alondra Nelson () & 's Saisha Grayson. Org. Candice Madey.
👀 I’ve got an early copy of a certain forthcoming thriller... 📖👌🇺🇸 cc: #NearDark
This summer I worked with ⁩ through ⁦⁩ Program. Our goal was to identify any RNA binding proteins that bound to specific genes initiated during the innate immune response. For more info click on the link in my bio
#madewithfacet💎 Guillermo Hernandez is a motion designer and founder of the content studio Animalaliens. Check out more of his work here:
I don't post a lot of fitness-related content here, even though it's one of my major passions. I'll post some here from time to time, but if you're interested in my fitness stuff, consider following me on Instagram!
Hoy es el primer día del resto de mi vida. ¡ESTOY CURADO! Todo acaba y todo empieza hoy. 6 meses de subida a una de las montañas más duras a las que me he enfrentado, pero al fin llegué a la cima y, creedme, las…
Van de Beek to Man United, here we go! Man Utd tonight as expected have sent their official bid and Ajax just accepted without any negotiation. Agreement reached for €40m + add ons. Paperworks and medicals on next week. 🔴 #MUFC 📲 More details
According to livestreamers, the military is currently shooting at #EndSARS protesters who are still at the Lekki toll gate in Lagos. They switched off the electricity so they can't be filmed effectively
#Sancho updates. Man United and BVB in talks all day again. The two clubs are “confident” to find an agreement soon about the final fee (add ons and installments included). Personal terms agreed until June 2025. Work in progress. 🔴 #MUFC 📲 More details
I’m in Scranton, PA and the enthusiasm for is YUGE!
You’ll NEVER forget the first time you get tear gassed. Me? One year ago today - landed in #HongKong for the #HongKongProtests. 🇭🇰 Kind protestors shoved an umbrella and helmet on me to shield against police rubber bullets. is still here.
Wow… This young man was just trying to do his job when this wannabe vigilante tried to stop him! I have to applaud him for remaining so composed throughout this interaction. Her behavior was completely uncalled for!! Full video:
I, and I alone, am responsible for everything I think and feel. — #ThingsItTakesAWhileToUnderstand artwork by
'Why can’t I make two different things I love, my culture and Sailor Moon, into one? It just felt like the perfect idea to introduce people who are not familiar with Mexican culture to see how beautiful it is." - MORE
Here’s a few funds that you should consider donating to Campaign Zero: Black Visions Collective: Buy Black Atlanta: Chicago Community Bond fund BALT: 2
If you don’t think Voting is a Revolutionary Action, why do you think They keep trying to Prevent You Doing IT??!! #alleyesonkentucky #breonataylor
Just a couple of voters dropping off their ballots👍🏽👍🏽
People in Santa Clarita are noting how different the sheriff’s response might have been if the skateboarding kids had been white instead of Black. From the mom of one of the victims:
"So Henry Cavill just builds a gaming rig in his tank top" is absolutely the set up to a porno and yet, here we are
Police have killed nearly 90 unarmed Black Americans since Colin Kaepernick began kneeling in 2016.
We asked our Instagram followers to share how the downturn in the economy has impacted them. Here are some of their stories. You can add your story here:
Oh man, bless his beautiful creative heart. I love you Eddie Van Halen, an LA boy, a true rocker. I hope you jam with Jimi tonight. Break through to the other side my brother. ❤️❤️❤️
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Since Frederick Douglass is trending... Many folks are rightfully pointing us to Anna Murray-Douglass, the Fred Black woman who was his first wife, purchased his freedom through her labor, and has been largely written out. My girl Stevie breaks it down:
DJ Switch is a national hero. This is her video telling us what happened. People died. Not up to 72 hours ago and a cover-up is already underway? There was a #LekkiMassacre People died. We must learn to respect our own dead. #EndSARS
Gente e essa drag que é pedreira e costureira amei Ela construiu o próprio ateliê
Ian Desmond is opting out of playing in MLB this season. In addition to Covid-19 he cites the MLB’s rampant racism, sexism, homophobia, cheating scandals, and labor wars. Please go to his Instagram to read the whole thing because, whew, it is outstanding.
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Never participated here before i think I´m black/biracial and from Germany. Been working in games/animation for a while (with some comic work on the side) Most of my work is under NDA, so i only update my accs sporadically. On insta #drawingwhileblack
Amazing drone footage of an encounter between a curious blue whale and a boat. These gentle giants are the largest animals that have ever lived. 🐳 via liveddolphindronedom/ig
大谷翔平選手のInstagramの初投稿の動画見て改めて思うけど手足が長く、頭部が小さい。 ただ手足が長いとかではなくて上品さがある。 ちなみに私の腕は短いですが、だからといって私の腕を誹謗中傷するような人がいれば訴えます。
It’s so heartwarming and refreshing to see our youth recognize and honor the importance of our pursuit for justice and equality! Thank you Kaitlyn Saunders for sharing this touching video 🙏🏾 #BlackLivesMatter Full video:
We will not be silent. Black Lives Matter.
Blown away by the kind support. Thank you so much. To take # 500 in a Test match win leading to a series win feels very special. I love cricket 🏏 😁
"Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.” - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg #RIPRBG Art by
Visualizing the invisible. Tiny iron filings suspended in viscous oil gracefully chain up along the magnetic field lines of a magnet. Credit: physicsfun/IG
Stunning combination of music, visuals and mechanical engineering 👌🏻 📱
Angela Davis speaks eloquently from California State Prison in 1972 • about Violence and Racism in America. She was arrested on false charges and the FBI had one objective. They saw her as a threat to the country and wanted her condemned to...
Now we can’t even DANCE without police getting involved… Each day it seems like we are losing a bit of our freedom. This is why we must continue to demand JUSTICE and EQUALITY!! #LivingWhileBlack Full video:
I just found this necklace I thought I lost. #VOGUE #yoshiki
The Birthday Party Continues in Jamaica 🇯🇲 🇯🇲 🇯🇲 
Happy Birthday ! We are so blessed to have you serving our nation. He has a heart of gold and truly loves this country and fights every day for it. Thank you, Mr. Vice President!
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Alexey Vasilyev's 'My dear Yakutia', an ongoing photographic series on one of the world's coldest continually inhabited regions—a few more here
Breonna Taylor’s murderers are still at large and still police officers. #SayHerName artwork by seethrunikki on . Go follow her
I’ve had the privilege of getting to know over the years and joebiden choosing her as his running mate is already a testament to his decision making: Kamala is exactly the kind of leader WITH…
That time they all pretended not to notice that Roger was wearing a wig. 📹:
NEW: Leaked footage of former MPD officer Thomas Lane's bodycam shows George Floyd's full arrest and killing – from initial interaction to his tragic death – for the first time! WATCH: #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
This video is an excerpt from the documentary ‘13th’ • directed by Ava DuVernay! Do we need any more proof that we need to get this White Supremacist out of the White House? Do we need any more reasons to get out there and VOTE to ensure that he is not...
Everyday life at the edge of the town... Paintings by American artist John Brosio (born 1967)—here a few more
THIS is why it's so important to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and RECORD interactions with police 👏🏾 James Jones, thank you for sharing this. It reminds us all that KNOWLEDGE is POWER!! (Watch entire video: )
At the corner of 26th and Broadway where #DavidMcAtee was killed. His body is still here here, twelve hours later. Leaving the body here is inciting a riot.
There’s many ways to celebrate the #FourthOfJuly One way is celebrating the stories of the incredible men and women who protect our freedoms every day. So proud of orlandobloom for portraying a real hero. Check out…
2️⃣1️⃣3️⃣ Salt Lake City, UT: cop shoots an unarmed protestor at point-blank range for sport [IG @ ]
(~‾▿‾)~ Feeding my babies 🌴🌿🌱 Another relaxing little project with ()
Taking the right flight at the right time and experiencing an eclipse 🎥 #space
More to be clear. - People around Sancho confirm that #MUFC have not made yet an official bid but they were ready to... and that €90m won’t be accepted. - Démbélé is not an advanced deal and Man Utd only consider a loan. 🔴📲 Depay, Alex Telles and more
For the people sending this: 1. You do not represent or speak for the Great British public. 2. Silence was never and will never be an option. 3. Change is inevitable... Get used to it #Diversity
Cities by French draughtsman and graphic designer Laurent Gapaillard (born 1980)—a few more here
Just posted a photo
Waiting to brief President Trump on Iowa’s derecho devastation @ Cedar Rapids, Iowa
This is what change looks like. stand with and we’ve never been prouder. This is in all the national papers today. Thank you again to everyone that has supported us 🙏🏽🖤 #Diversity
This is Trevor Noah speaking in an interview about Racial Injustice, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Amy Cooper and looting .........His main point being that “There is no reason for people to uphold Societies Contract if the Law and People in Power don’t...
The amazing golden color of these scarab beetles (Chrysina resplendens) is not a result of pigmentation or actual metal, but ≈70 microscropic chitin layers of decreasing thickness that reflect light to produce a metallic effect. via insecthaus_adi/ig
We met two of the new Monster Girls from Harajuku’s Kawaii Monster Cafe () on the street in Harajuku today! The new monsters were designed by of 6%DOKIDOKI! #原宿 More of today’s Tokyo street style in our Instagram stories
Actor Kelly Preston has died after a two-year battle with breast cancer, her husband John Travolta says. She was 57.
No words to describe the happiness of playing football again 🙏🏾⠀ #BlackLivesMatter #WeWillBreathe ✊🏾
Contradictions for white people in racial justice work. Be able to do the work and hold the contradictions. Keep showing up.
We’ll miss our little buddy boy, Nugget’s brother so much. Forever a paw shaped hole in our hearts 💔 #ripmighty #Repost orlandobloom ・・・ Mighty’s on the other side now. After 7 days of searching from sunrise to…
Thank you Dr. Fauci for the discussion about safely reopening restaurants. The people of our industry are grateful for your wisdom and leadership! Watch full video on Instagram or Facebook:
Christmas is almost here, and as a way to say THANK YOU for all the years you’ve been around supporting me, I’ll be choosing ONE person to have a family portrait colorized by me for free. That’s it. All you need to do is RT and follow me on IG:
Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw () is taking over ’s Instagram account today! Follow along:
Justin Verlander says he needs Tommy John surgery
Auschwitz II-Birkenau. The Gate of Death. From May 1944 some half a million people, mostly Hungarian Jews, but also Jews from other countries or Poles deported from the Warsaw Uprising, went through this gate inside the camp. Most never came out. (photo: )
Wife of Broadway actor Nick Cordero says he has died following long battle with COVID-19. He was 41 years old.
The Suburbs is 10 years old now Can’t wait to all play music together again Until then, stay safe and well 💙 I need the darkness someone please cut the lights! ⛰⛰✨
Here it is on other places The devil’s network: The devil’s other network: YouTube:
It’s been 72hrs since I challenged PTI to name ONE government hospital they have made in the last 9years that can compete with any of the hospitals they are trying to steal from Sindh; like NICVD. Still waiting... ⏳
Sunday. Bit bored. Magnetised some rabbits. 🔊 📹:
TIME TO SHINE! Squid have special organs in their skin called iridophores, that can contract/expand like the pupil of your eye, except instead of letting light in, these organs BEND light, allowing squid to shine ON CUE. Glitter is *so* over. 📸 L. Scheele
Pleased to announce that Barty Crease, my news character - is now the official correspondent for ✨🗞✨ 'Netflix News' is a show I've written & presented to showcase Netflix's best new releases. 🍿👀 Episode 1 here:
#Auschwitz was the first German Nazi camp in which the construction of a crematorium was planned from the very beginning. The installation of the first oven began two weeks after the arrival of the first Polish prisoners on 14 June 1940. (Photo by )
This is so painful to watch… You can see how scared and traumatized Michael Ramos was in this situation. They took his life for no reason! We demand ACCOUNTABILITY of Austin Police Department!! Watch full video:
Hello #VisibleWomen! I'm not really sure who I am atm (still trying to figure it out - but I can animate, model and paint) but I would like ur support and friendship bc it makes me feel more gooder Support me here 💛: Instagram:
NYC PROTEST ✊🏾 BLACK JOY is an act of resistance. // #BlackLivesMatter 🎥
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How did you wake up this morning? If it wasn't to a little pack of howling huskies, I don't see how it could get much better than that!
I think about this sculpture by Demian DinéYazhi' at least weekly. As a queer person and a trans person and a person with Mexican parents. Thinking about it again today for, uh, no reason. Every American flag is a warning sign.
Cops in Minneapolis shot my friend, the photographer , in the chest, with a rubber bullet, causing bruising over his heart. They also slashed his tires. Follow his work here:
An Instagram account dedicated to small quirky Japanese buildings. Lovely.
Speculative environments by Paul Lehr (1930–1998), undoubtedly one of the greatest masters of science fiction art—a few more here
Goodbye my friend. This world won’t be the same with you gone. You were an inspiration to me & to so many others. We’ve been through a lot together, good and bad and I guess that’s why I feel like I’ve lost a…
Léa Pinto finished her internship at our studio last month, and I'm impressed to see her astonishing progress on environment backgrounds : She's looking for a job/freelance mission in the VG/animation industry ! ( IG : )
Jaguar diving underwater to catch its dinner. By Photographer Herbert van der Beek ()
Inside the historical building of the 1st homicidal gas chamber of #Auschwitz. It was created in the camp's morgue in the fall of 1941 after a successful experiment of killing people with Zyklon B in the basement of Block 11 in September 1941. (Photo: )
The photo of a cooler with a Confederate flag on it that she is calling “fake” is literally still up on Rick Wilson’s Instagram
We made a name and carved a lane together where there was none. We ressurected a city from the ashes, put it on our backs and called it Illadelph. In friendly competition with you from day one, I always felt as if I…
"The people who are currently facing the harshest impacts of climate change are people of color." Why this woman's post about Environmentalists For Black Lives Matter went viral. Special thanks to Leah:
This is awful. 😢 This instagram account was set to locate people missing after the Beirut explosion. More than 4000 missing so far. 100 dead.
The Rockies’ Ian Desmond has opted out of the 2020 season, but that feels secondary to a heartfelt, incisive Instagram post about his place in the world and baseball’s as well. The whole post is here: . But the part I’ve attached is important and spot-on.
My beautiful friend Brianna Meeks has a dream. To one day buy back her ancestral family farm. That day is today. The farm is for sale. If we all kicked in a buck, she’d be Farmer Brianna by bedtime. Can you help? Link in Insta bio!!!
It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to play for the Leafs. I will forever be grateful for the experience and for my teammates. That being said I could not be more excited and ready to be a Penguin again. I can't…
I am deeply saddened that it has taken multiple acts of police brutality to make people painfully aware of the racism that still pervades America. It shouldn’t. This just scratches the surface of the hideous face…
6️⃣7️⃣6️⃣ Tempe, AZ: police order protestors to back up, they do... ...and a cop pepper sprays them anyway, including aiming for ones face and phone so she'll stop recording [IG: (full video is 4:37)]
I mean, I sure as hell would go to that park if these two were the ones etched in stone. Imagine the party for that unveiling. One hell of a back drop for the stage...also, could have multiple statues around town in all his different looks. Ma…
HELP? has launched an instagram account that is sharing amazing content. BUT, it needs 10k followers to really be able to fulfill its mission of educating voters. This is a BIG ask--can you please follow them on IG and spread the word?
It was incredible to be able to spend some time with the legendary therealherschel34. He’s been friends with and for 37 years and is a total class act as you can tell from his…
Abstract cityscapes by U.K.-based artist Jason Anderson—here a few more
Did It As A Team 🙌🏻 Congratulations Everyone 👏🏻 Just The Beginning! #PumpItUp #LeedsUnited #MOT @ Leeds United
Navalny's team posts a video on Instagram from Navalny's hotel room, showing water bottles provided by the hotel that were the source of the poison used in the assassination attempt.
Livestream from inside one of the homes in DC where a bunch of protesters are sheltered, while a shitload of police are outside waiting to arrest anyone to leaves. #SaveJenny #DCProtests
Today we hold in memory Oluwatoyin "Toyin" Salau, a young woman, an organizer, a freedom fighter, a victim of both intimate & state violence. She was only 19. A few days before Toyin's death, a Black man sexually assaulted her. #OluwatoyinSalau [Art by ]
“You MUST live by the moment!!” This evening the powerful force, the beautiful Life, #MargaritaPracatan, left for the ultimate Happy Hours in the sky full of light and joy ...more here: ❤️
فیلم کوتاهی از دیدارم با شهبانو #فرح_پهلوی این دیدار مرا سرشار از احترام کرد نسبت به زنی که یک عمر در کتابهای تاریخ جمهوری اسلامی از او برای نسل ما بد گفتند بی آنکه بدانند نسل من با مطالعه و بدون سانسور خودش انتخاب میکند که به تاریخ چگونه نگاه کند.
This UWS white woman called the cops on a Black woman multiple times yesterday because the Black woman was “sitting too comfortably” in “her” (the WW’s) neighborhood. She’s asked people to share, and I’m glad she recorded so much of this interaction
I've seen a lot of artists doing brilliant work these days, but I gotta say...Katie Benn nailed this one to the church door. This. Is something real. Follow her and please only repost with credit:
If you wanna know how fucked we are and how bizarre filters are and how distorted young women’s expectations of beauty are, I present you this picture. This IS ME. My 10 year old daughter is laughing hysterically…
Segunda, 25/5, às 15h tem Uol Debate ao vivo sobre o embate entre Moro e Bolsonaro. Participam o ex-ministro do STF Ayres Brito, Tânia Prado, do Sindicato dos Delegados da PF e o jornalista Glenn Greenwald, do The Intercept Brasil.
Here is 's IG Live from tonight, which really hit the spot on a night when it's hard not to feel hopeless
That’s right GiGi “Daddy changed the world” 😢😢😢😢😢 George Floyd the name of change. #justiceforgeorgefloyd #ivehadenough Love to all who have love for all ✊🏿✊🏻✊🏾✊🏼✊🏽✊
Rita Ora: At Home for Generation Covid is live on my IGTV in support of ’s largest appeal in history!!! COVID-19 is disrupting everything. Please donate whatever you can ❤️❤️ #GenerationCovid #Coronavirus Watch: Donate:
I finally had a break through with some help when I found the white dudes Instagram. I was able to track down a handful of them through him and came to a hilariously depressing conclusion.
I finally had a break through with some help when I found the white dudes Instagram. I was able to track down a handful of them through him and came to a hilariously depressing conclusion.