"Can You Like the Person You Love to Hate?" what happened when and I met... and got along swimmingly. (I'm sure my followers will respond to this very calmly.)
. and were Twitter enemies. Then they met in real life.
In the woke world of New York digital media I inhabit, writes , the worst person in the world is Donald Trump, but is a close second. This is the story of how two Twitter enemies became friends.
It’s hard not to like this, even on Twitter. (Also hard not to like Bari Weiss if you actually meet her.)
The genius of this piece—which is very good and important on its own—is that it's inevitably going to draw intense ridicule and vitriol on this godforsaken website, thus demonstrating why it's so poignant
I love this conversation between and 💖
1) it is hilarious that Bari Weiss took her twitter enemy Eve Peyser swimming so that she couldn’t wear a wire (the paranoia!) 2) Lots of people with terrible, racist opinions are charming in person. It doesn’t make them less terrible. We know this.
On social media, regularly beat up on because of the differences in their politics. Then they met in person.
Love every word of this exchange from former Twitter archenemies and
This piece about Eve Peyser and Bari Weiss becoming friends is really good and you should read it. My whole Twitter-break-with-a-check-in-every-few-days-thing is going extremely well so far. I feel much better about a lot of stuff. See you guys soon.
I don't find any of 's political views that I've previously maligned any more palatable as a result, but this personalized exchange between her and should really be read by everyone online. It has so many lessons for everyone
two people whose profession requires charm and the ability to manipulate meet up, discuss nothing controversial and walk away having been charmed by each other
This exchange between and makes the world - ok ok Brooklyn - a better place
Bari Weiss and Eve Peyser wondered: If we had met at a dinner party rather than on Twitter, would we have liked each other? Was social media creating a sense of intense conflict where there might be intense conversation? So they decided to meet.
Read ⁦⁩ & #IntellectualDiversity + friendship makes for good Monday reading via
The first principle of the #theoryofenchantment says to "remember we are human beings not political abstractions." The third encourages people to "break bread" with their enemies. Read in full. 🤗✨❤️
This piece is good, but searching Twitter for the names of the participants afterwards is ::chef’s kiss
"Bari Weiss and Eve Peyser were Twitter enemies. Then they met."
I can relate to this: "You voted for Clinton, and yet, when we became friends, I worried I’d get 'canceled' if Twitter found out."
When Bari Met Eve: Or, How Social Media Is Driving Us Crazy, by ⁦⁩ & ⁦
Exactly. Get of Twitter. Break bread (or go for a swim as these two did). Stop engaging in character assassination. Find the humanity in each other even when you disagree about almost everything.
This is excellent: Can You Like the Person You Love to Hate?
I liked this article. "Social media [has] made me emotionally immune to the worst abuse--an anti-Semitic misogynist doesn’t get to me in the same way someone who agrees with me 90% of the time insulting me does" Can You Like the Person You Love to Hate?
The moral here is don't judge a person on their twitter persona. For example, I'm even more of an asshole in person
"Did we actually dislike each other, or was Twitter just making us think we did?"
"I’m also open to being friends with all sorts of people because my leftism is informed by a sense of radical empathy." The story of and meeting in real life is wonderful.
Well-adjusted people with social skills can generally get along in social settings: not a novel insight (although one often obscured by the hellish frenzy of Twitter). Issue is whether personal affection causes you to abandon principle or temper criticism
Avowed ideological Twitter enemies met in real life. Then they became friends.
I like the editorial idea of bringing enemies together but hate the results when they fall in love.
. & walk into a pool... and no one drowns! This is a very good piece. The people I agree with on 95% are also the ones I argue the hardest with.
I want to set up a meeting between people who love this exchange and people who hate it and see how that goes
This is good, actually heartwarming.
Whether your ideology aligns w or , you'll be moved by their article in It shows how meeting in real social infrastructure - a swimming pool, a kitchen - can pacify relations that overheat on social media like, um,
Social media"creates an environment in which the most bombastic,aggressive takes about the hot topic of the day get the most engagement. Feuds flourish;offering the benefit of the doubt to another is a sign of cowardice, or of not being sufficiently moral"
I enjoyed reading about how two people I like — and — also like each other!
"shame, at least in my experience, doesn’t make people change their minds. It just makes them dig in."
All other things aside, sourdough bread is the worst bread,
what I'm saying is Twitter is bad
Why would you want to be friends with someone who believes horrible things while putting up a nice face?
So wait, this is what everyone is mad about?
This was good. "Can You Like the Person You Love to Hate?"
I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation between and , especially how they agree on this point. The recent moralistic bent of politics is a hell of a drug.
Good for and . Me, I'm still burned out by "reaching across the aisle." Felt like the #IDW was gaslighting me and saying I was a Nazi simply for being left-winged. Give me some time and I *might* change my mind.
It’s so easy to like people when you meet them in person. On the Internet, on the other hand...
major insight: if you meet in the real world you might be pleasantly surprised! Can You Like the Person You Love to Hate?
Can You Like the Person You Love to Hate?
This is so good. "you were like the caricature of the person I know hates me on the internet: Gawker Media alum, probable Democratic Socialists of America member, many tattoos. That’s like my personal axis of evil."
Good read on how twitter can make others look hostile and aggressive. Nothing beats actually meeting and talking to people. Use to be the issue with email as well. Can You Like the Person You Love to Hate?
"[H]aving an ideologically diverse group of friends helps you better understand your own convictions."