1/UNC officials continue to focus on the NC state law they claim requires them to re-erect #SilentSam while completely ignoring federal law (Title VI & VII of the CRA) which prohibits engaging in activities that create a racially hostile environment.
Under a new proposal, UNC-Chapel Hill would spend $5.3 million, plus $800,000 a year, to display "Silent Sam," a Confederate statue, on its campus again. For $5.3 million, the university could cover a year's tuition for 589 in-state students.
Y'all ..... UNCG has a library tower with no fire suppression system. Lots of UNC campuses have buildings that are literally crumbling. But, yeah, let's build a $5.3 million building at Chapel Hill to protect their glorious Confederate history.
hey #twitterstorians now would be a great time to pitch a piece on this to your local paper/ national publication.
This is even worse than the decision I thought they would make.
It’s not just a statue cause the Lost Cause is not ‘lost’ if you have folks willing to perpetuate myth that white supremacy is ‘history’ & not part of our current reality needing resistance: UNC trustees propose new $5.3M building that includes Silent Sam
WTF --> UNC officials recommend $5.3 million new building on campus for Silent Sam
Even their monuments got monuments. #silentsam UNC officials recommend new building on campus for Silent Sam
So a racist Confederate statue deserves its own building? How long will that take? And how about a building to honor the slaves that built the university?