SCOOP from me and : Congresswoman-elect won't be going on AIPAC's annual trip to Israel. Instead, Tlaib will leading her own delegation to the occupied West Bank. ALSO, she publicly endorsed BDS for the first time in an interview
Two weeks ago, came out in support of BDS--making her the first Congresswoman-elect to do so. Now, in an interview with me for , joins her: "I personally support the BDS movement"
Big SCOOP from : will not be going on 's trip to Israel. Instead, she'll lead her own trip to the West Bank "to humanize Palestinians, provide an alternative pov to the one AIPAC pushes, & highlight the inherent inequality."
Rejecting Israel lobby’s influence over Congress, plans to lead delegation to Palestine by and
It’s long since been time for an objective conversation about how our gov’t subsidizes foreign militaries like Egypt’s and Israel’s - and why. This is leadership in that direction from .