Review by of Marco del Giudice's EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOPATHOLOGY: A UNIFIED APPROACH... "Read this book at your own risk; its theories will start creeping into everything you think."
The brilliant Scott Alexander () reviews the new book on the evolutionary origins of mental illness by my brilliant UNM colleague Marco del Giudice. A deep intellectual dive, with clever diagrams and amusing memes.
"a lot of intelligent, responsible, basically decent young men complain of romantic failure. … media has tried hard to make this look like some kind of horrifying desire to rape everybody because they believe are entitled to whatever & whoever they want"
SSC review of del Giudice new evolutionary psychopathology book. It's a pretty good read.
"Psychiatry is hard to analyze from an evolutionary perspective. From an evolutionary perspective, it shouldn’t even exist. Most psychiatric disorders are at least somewhat genetic, and most psychiatric disorders decrease reproductive fitness..."
"Evo psych is famous for having lots of stories that make sense but are hard to test. Psychiatry is famous for having mountains of data but no idea what’s going on. Maybe if you added them together, they might make one healthy scientific field?"