BREAKING: Columbia students kick Emmy nominated SNL comedian Nimesh Patel off-stage & cut his mic after he makes "offensive" jokes during comedy skit
These students have made the world a safer place by refusing to tolerate offensive jokes. I truly believe that the key to a perfect society is the elimination of all comedy. #JokesAreViolence
Ivy League Students Kick SNL Comedian Nimesh Patel Off Stage | PJ Media
“When older generations say you need to stop being so sensitive, it’s like undermining what our generation is trying to do in accepting others and making it safer.”
Proof that , , , , and other comedians are perfectly right in refusing to appear on university campuses. [covered in my forthcoming book]
Nimesh Patel, the 1st Indian-Am writer for SNL, gets invited to ivy league diversity event, then gets booted for non-hashtag-approved jokes. as per usual, it wasnt the crowd that was angry, but a small group of assholes using censorship to peacock wokeness
ICYMI: The very students who invited SNL comedian Nimesh Patel to Columbia ended up cutting his mic & kicking him off stage, according to witness reports Patel's crime? His jokes were "offensive" and "rude"
College students offended when they invite a comedian to campus and the comedian tells jokes. I don't blame the students, PC conformism taught them to trade their sense of humor for a sense of sanctimony and moral righteousness. Good trade!