Great conversation on evolutionary psychology and more between Robert Wright () and Diana Fleischman (). Definitely worth a listen.
"Muchas mujeres sostienen q no deberían tomar recaudos para no ser violadas, q lo único q debe ocurrir es q los hombres dejen de violar. No dirían q hay q dejar la puerta de la casa abierta, y q lo único q hay q lograr es q se deje de robar".
When men misread women’s signals: and evolutionary psychologist discuss miscommunication between the sexes and what to do about it.
So interviewed me today for about polyamory, polygyny, monogamy, 'casual dating', jealousy, evolution, & the incel crisis; it'll be released in a week or so. Meanwhile, here's his interview with the gf
My mixture of Shock/Horror/Amusement at Bob's suggestion we could "get closer to Victorian norms" to be more respectful to women
Here is where Bob startled me, it's funny