Women still earn less than men, but they've seen 50 years of rising wages, workforce participation while men's have been flat or declined
There are some good objections to pay gap assertions that we should all be considering. The pay gap is not a simplistic statistic. (It is real.) But the measurements, reasons and context are complex.
"doesn't actually compare whether 'equal work' by women & men earns equal pay. It doesn't look at earnings between men & women in the same or substantially similar jobs, take into account number of working hours, or break down wage gaps by industry or age"
Did you see the headline, "Women make only 49 cents for every dollar a man makes?" Read on why it's really misleading
New research on the #wagegap says women earn just 49 cents for every dollar men do! About that...
A new gender wage-gap study makes modern women's work life look grim. Here's why you shouldn't buy the dire diagnosis