[Thread] I enjoy running classic JDM experiments on students in the classroom. Below I'll try & share some of what I run. All materials and slides shared on: Looking for more? See previous years JDM and Fundamentals here:
All courses and workshops I did/do I share on: Feel free to use/adapt/etc. Please share back if you improved on it. To me, open science also means opening up teaching, best way to catch mistakes, learn, & improve. Awkward first, gets easier with time.
👏 This is terrific, very happy to see, thanks for sharing. We need much more of -that-. Would you be able to share your materials with others so that it'll be easier for them to implement? (Maybe missed it) (I shared mine with similar outline on )
Thanks, . : you can see (and use as you wish) all my teaching materials on: I change things every semester, try new things, all for mass mobilizing UG students to do more open/meta-science.
Great question. First off, all my JDM teaching is posted on Second, not exactly JDM, but since all my socialpsyc are JDM themed, the attached list of movies might be relevant. Was interesting to read what students did with that.
Sharing 2nd course HKU 2018 ASP materials: Discussing the science crisis, pre-reg/replications/metas/cases &challenging students to reflect on the crisis and implications. Feel free to download & share. Hope it's useful.
Sharing HKU 2018 JDM course materials: Comprehensive collaborative course summaries, fun in-class experiments / activities / handouts. JDM, social cognition, X-Philes, etc. Feel free to download & share. Hope it's useful. More:
About the courses. See attached course process and content. More info here: An example from Shafir 1993 is attached. Student reports are very comprehensive. Collaborative replication guide: JAMOVI/R: