BuzzFeed Opinion sought out , a leading Arab expert on Western affairs, to interpret the events on the ground in France. His dispatch:
As a leading WENA expert, respected academic journal BuzzFeed sought my opinion about the troubles in France.
This is highly amusing, but tells a serious truth. , an Arab, is doing to coverage about France what *so many* Westerners have done to the Arab world for so long in their reportage & analysis - exoticise it, based on lack of depth of knowledge.
There is no such thing as un-biased foreign reporting. Here is a beautifully executed piece to illustrate that very issue. And if you find the portrayal of Europe by Anglo-Saxon media often agonizing, just imagine living in the so-called ‚Middle East‘.
Basically a Thomas Friedman parody
In which the great Tomfriedmans The West
When a correspondent gets sent to a war-torn country to find out the roots of the conflict. reporting from France. (Note, the humor is subtle and brilliant.) #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests