"The Mattis critique is foundational: The president he serves, he suggests in his letter, does not understand the value of allies, or the immorality of disparaging and abandoning them." (via )
The people who could restrain Trump slipped away in part because they stopped being able to restrain him
Wow, Mattis at Hoover > “I went through it carefully and I saw that it really was Obama calling our allies ‘free riders.’ He sounded like Trump. Here’s a sitting U.S. president calling our allies ‘free riders.’ That’s pretty bad, insulting our allies.”
"We are now entering the third year of his presidency, and third phase of his foreign policy: Trump alone, besieged, but believing, perhaps more than ever, in the inerrancy of his beliefs."
Read on James Mattis: "He would have remained with Trump if he thought he could influence Trump’s policies. But whatever influence he had, he lost. And now the dangerous part begins."
A good day to re-up this piece IMHO
“‘I got off the machine to read some pages, and I thought I had got some print-outs mixed up. I thought I had printed out things that Trump had said, not President Obama.’ At the time, Donald Trump was emerging as the probable Republican nominee...”
“And now the dangerous part begins.”